BABYMETAL on language barriers & energy onstage on Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone released a new segment of its interview with BABYMETAL. In this part, the girls are interviewed to talk about breaking language barriers and their energy onstage. The interview features in addition footage from live performances. Watch the interview below. 


BABYMETAL interviewed on Rolling Stone about breaking language barriers

Rolling Stone released a new part of their interview with BABYMETAL in New York City on April 4. This time the girls specially Su-Metal and Moametal talk about breaking language barrier and the energy they put onstage. 


"In the past two years we've performed in many different places," singer Su-metal remarks.

"We've noticed that even though we sing in Japanese, our fans study Japanese and sing along with us, and that people who like 'J-Pop' and people who like metal both enjoy our music just the same. With Metal Resistance, we want to continue bringing these worlds together with the power of music."


As Moametal adds, they hope to win over fans from diverse backgrounds with their wildly theatrical live shows. "No matter where we perform, we always put a lot of energy into it," she says.




Interview by: Rolling Stone


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