BABYMETAL featured on "The World Report" of KNN, Korean TV

BABYMETAL was featured in the Korean TV channel KNN on "The World Report". The brief feature shows footage of BABYMETAL including description of their latest activities, read their report and watch the video below. 


KNN: BABYMETAL from Japanese archipelago blast in popularity in USA & UK

South Korean TV station KNN "Korea New Network" published a brief report about BABYMETAL's popularity abroad through their section "The World Report", here is what they said including a 30 seconds video.


KNN: Japanese Heavy Metal group, from the Japanese archipelago blast popularity in the United States and United Kingdom The Japanese girl group BABYMETAL, reached Top39 Billboard Albums Chart and Top15 in the UK Albums chart. 


BABYMETAL's popularity is rising with the World Tour of this year. In May starts the tour with more than 10 shows in USA cities, starting in New York and visiting Europe as well. 




KNN Report by: Jeong Junhui

Raw translation by: Maik Gianino via Google Translate. 

Video Rip courtesy of our collaborator: MissingReel.


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