Bassist Yusuke Morita talk BABYMETAL & Kami Band: "This band is really good"

Yusuke Morita, bassist, Ai Kubawara's band member and composer was interviewed on Rockette Space about his activities, when he mentioned his works with Ladybaby, Kawaii Metal came out and the interview got focused on BABYMETAL and Kami Band. Read what Yusuke said below. 


Ai Kubawara's bassist Yusuke Morita talk about BABYMETAL and Kami Band

The music is sometimes irrelevant in Japan - at least as long as the fun factor is there. This yields an online chat with a scene experts: Our guest Kurt Werren interviewed his friend Yusuke Morita from Tokyo.


Hello Yusuke, how are you?

"At the moment I'm on tour in Japan with the Ai Kuwabara Trio Project. Shiho, a jazz singer, is also part of the project. The crowd is nice and the food is delicious."


What about your own projects?

"I have my own Jazz Quartet with a trumpeter and a saxophonist. Almost traditionally. And I have many ideas for a new album."


You work also as a composer.

"Yes. I recently composed and produced a promotional song for a Chinese Video Game App. It’s sung by Ladybaby."



"Yes, they are really big in business here. Two Japanese girls, 17 and 14, and a bearded Australian professional wrestler who disguises himself as a five year old girl."


What they’re playing?

"They pretend to being Heavy Metal. To be more accurate, the band is playing heavy metal. The girls are cute and the Australian grunts around."


Cute? Isn’t it this Japanese kawaii culture?

"Exactly. We Japanese love this, especially middle-aged men. The performer must be nice, cute and kawaii. Best with a face like a schoolgirl. The quality of the music is secondary."


And this is selling?

"The first video of Ladybaby, "Nippon Manjiu", was clicked over 15 million times. Their current video "C'est si bon kibun" also runs well."


Are there more “baby bands” in Japan?

"Yes, BABYMETAL. As the first Japanese band that played at the Wembley Arena in London in April. It’s an idol group like Ladybaby: cute, kawaii, fabricated. Their album "Metal Resistance" was in the Top 40 of the Billboard Charts."


What is so good at BABYMETAL?

"The Kami Band, their companions. These are really good musicians. With one of the Kami Band I already played together. They also play Jazz!"


Ladybaby or BABYMETAL?

"Definitely BABYMETAL. This band is really good. The perfect blend of kawaii culture and punchy Heavy Metal."




Interview by: Rockette Space

Translation by: aertyar

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