Yuyoyuppe talk BABYMETAL, meeting Kobametal & working in the studio

BABYMETAL's collaborator & composer in the studio Yuyoyuppe also known as DJ TEKINA//Something recently released his debut album as DJ "Kawa-EDM" (Read more here). In order to promote his album was interviewed on KAI-YOU. He was asked about working with BABYMETAL, meeting Kobametal and the studio deadlines. Read the excerpt of the interview translated below. 


Yuyoyuppe talks with KAI-YOU about BABYMETAL & Kobametal

--Excerpt starts:

In April of 2016, BABYMETAL released "Metal Resistance", a comprehensive album entering in the Top40 of the US Billboard chart. The name of one of the people who carved his name as creator is Yuyoyuppe, aka DJ TEKINA//Something. 


The best example of the works is there in BABYMETAL 

Murata: "Once, I saw BABYMETAL's MV "Iine" at 05:00 in the morning at Shibuya streets after leaving work. At that moment I called him and asked him: "Do you know BABYMETAL?"


Yuyoyuppe: "For some reason, I think I was also up at the 5 in the morning."


Murata: "Just like Tekina, I too love metal, the Japanese metal scene, in the shadows." 


Yuyoyuppe: "It's a common story."


Murata: "So, I had a meeting with Kobametal (BABYMETAL's producer Kei Kobayashi) and said: "BABYMETAL is going to become Japan's Messiah of the  metal scene". "In order to achieve that, please consider Yuyoyuppe", I said" 


Yuyoyuppe: "In fact he listened to the music of my Vocaloid, it was the beginning." 


Interviewer: Speaking without fear of misunderstanding, in regard to BABYMETAL, what is the severity, the essence, the compromise. I have really learned by the hard way.


Yuyoyuppe: "In BABYMETAL you have absolute no compromise. The normal production is: "On this day, please deliver", says Kobayashi-san, "Because this day is the deadline, let's continue until that day, let's make great things all in one", I'm a man with that kind of idea."




Summary & Translation: Hitoshi Sugioka.

Style Editor: Daniel Fuentes.

Full interview & article on: KAI-YOU

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