Minipati x Trigo e Cana collaboration "Minipati Sekai Ryokou"

Sakura Gakuin announce a new collaboration of its popular sub-unit "Minipati".  This time the 3rd Generation collaborates with "Trigo e Cana" for a special photoshoot to release promotional pictures for "Minipati World Travel" campaign. Read details below. 


Sakura Gakuin Minipati x Trigo e Cana collaboration "Minipati World Travel"

Amuse Official mobile site announced the art collaborative project of the Sakura Gakuin Cooking Club 4th Generation "Minipati" with "Trigo E Cana". The collaboration features Minipati wearing white costumes for a special Amuse photoshoot. 


The "white color" special page contains 8 Sets of collaboration works to be published sequentially. Startng on May 5 was published the collaboration of the 3rd Generation of Minipati x Trigo E Cana" called "Minipati Sekai Ryokou" (Minipati World Travel)


The updates will appear every Thursday at 18:00 for 3 consecutive weeks on Amuse Mobile official site. .


For more updates please check, Sakura Gakuin Website & Amuse Mobile


Photo session credits: 

Photo: Daisuku Urata, Hair & Makeup: Saori Hide, Styling: Toyota Airsa, Design: Kaori Akiba


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