BABYMETAL at Wembley Arena featured on Music & Riots Magazine issue 18

BABYMETAL performance at Wembley Arena in Engliand on April 2 was featured on "Music & Riots Magazine". The issue #18 of the Magazine includes a live report of the performance. Check the report and scans of the release below. 


BABYMETAL featured on Music & Riots Magazine issue 18

Music & Riots Magazine released a 2 pages photo and live report from the BABYMETAL show at Wembley Arena on April 2. The live report reviews segments of the performance including highlights of a few songs played. Read an excerpt below and check the scans to read the full review. 



BABYMETAL at Wembley Arena, London. 

Words by Dave Bowes & Photo by Amuse Inc. 


"The lights dim and only an orchestral refrain can be heard above the roar of a jam-packed Wembley Arena. The deep, resounding pound of bass drum kicks and, accompanied by the boominng refrain of "BABYMETAL DESU" and three armour-clad teenagers emerge from above, their synchronised swaying and cavorting atop a panel of pseudo-occult symbols looks like a bizarre re-enactment of a ritual from "The Devil Rides Out", and it's the beginning of one of the strangest, most ridiculy invogorating live experiences around."




Live report by: Music & Riots Magazine, click here.