Tiffoo article: Himeka & Suzuka Nakamoto, Miracle Idol Sisters

Very sweet and informative article published by Tiffoo about the charms of the Nakamoto Sisters. Suzuka as "Su-Metal" from BABYMETAL, and Himeka "Himetan" the Princess from Nogizaka46. Learn why they are called "Miracle Idol Sisters". Full article translated below. 


Su-Metal of BABYMETAL - Himetan of Nogizaka46 the talented Idol sisters!

BABYMETAL is the active super popular Idol group collecting support from all over the world. But also, with their first appearance in the Singing and Dancing Festival (Kouhaku Utagassen*), and with their latest Single which has had them grown to become a very popular group that has sold more than 800.000 copies is Nogizaka46. These two popular Idol groups are throbbing now, but did you know that these whopping Idols are sisters?


Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto), the main vocalist of BABYMETAL and Himeka Nakamoto, member of the popular group Nogizaka46, are actually sisters.  This time, the attention on the "Nakamoto" sisters success is in progressive form. We are going to introduce their charms. 


Profile of Himeka Nakamoto of Nogizaka46 - 

Himeka Nakamoto was born in Hiroshima Prefecture, in April 13, 1996. In August of 2011 she passed the first phase of the Nogizaka46 members audition, and began working as Nogizaka46 member.  Her first screening as member was in the 7th Single released on November 23, 2013 "Barrette" Her nickname is "Himetan". Sometimes she is the pampered member of the group, her trademark have been her twintails for a while. Contrary to her innocent look, she is quite talented at singing and dancing, her singing voice with her powerful dance is enough to compete with the main twelve of the group. 

Also, she has been active as MC in Radio shows and gravure magazines. Her screening experience is small, but she has been gaining high popularity as targeted member of the group. 


Profile of Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-Metal of BABYMETAL) - 

Suzuka Nakamoto was born in Hiroshima Prefecture, on December 20, 1997. 

In June 2008 she was selected in an audition as member of "Karen Girl's" in order to sing the theme songs of the Anime TV "Zettai Karen Children". By the age of 8 years old she already owned a phenomenal singing ability, she also had an appearance in the Animero Summer Live* at the Saitama Super Arena.


In May of 2010 she started activities as original member of the Growth Limited Period Unit "Sakura Gakuin". Then she was selected as member of the unit of Heavy Music "BABYMETAL", after her graduation from Sakura Gakuin she focuses on BABYMETAL, ongoing activities as "Su-Metal", the main vocalist. The accuracy and power of her voice and her great pitch power make the sound of her voice fit in full-scale with the metal sound of BABYMETAL.


BABYMETAL and Nogizaka46 were in the same unit? The 2 girls during the school period. 

Both sisters sang and danced together in school before joining their groups. This was at Actors School Of Hiroshima. Riho Sayashi, former member of Morning Musume, and the three members of Perfume were also at ASH in the past, such as Anna Murashige of HKT48, ASH has produced a number of stars, the prestige of the school has proliferated rapidly among Idol Fans. Since they are active in different big stages in BABYMETAL and Nogizaka46, there is almost no chance to co-star. Is her previous unit "Tween" just a dream?


How do they, Su-Metal and the Princess get along?

Let's approach the Nakamoto's sisterhood. The two girls moved with their family from Hiroshima to Tokyo in 2012. For almost a year, the relationship was to support the activities of each other, the Princess went to see BABYMETAL and it seems that Su-Metal did the same and went to see Nogizaka46 lives. In addition, they wore and shared the same clothes, it's possible to compare it from an image of Nogizaka46 blog and an image from Sakura Gakuin blog era, the sisters used to wear the same clothes very often.


Miracle Idol sisters! Try to look forward to the two girls in the future!  We have introduced the two girls, respectively BABYMETAL and Nogizaka46. Ultra-popular Idol groups. Also it is heartworming that the two girls are in a mutual friendly competition while receiving cheers from each other in their activities! 




Article by: Tiffoo

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka. 

Style Editor: Daniel Fuentes.


Translator Notes: 

Kouhaku Utagassen: Is an annual music show on New Year's Eve produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK and broadcast on television and radio, nationally and internationally by the NHK network and by some overseas (mainly cable) broadcasters who buy the program.


Animero Super Live: Is the biggest annual anime songs music festival in Japan hosted by Dwango and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting. Animelo Summer Live has been held every summer since 2005.

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