BOH Blog: BABYMETAL US East Coast Tour ended!!

BABYMETAL Kami Band 6 String God Of Bass BOH wrote a new blog sharing his impressions about the BABYMETAL US Tour once he arrived in Japan. BOH talks about the performances in the US East Coast, the hard work of the BABYMETAL Team and the upcoming European Tour. Read the translation below. 


BABYMETAL Kami Band 6 String God Of Bass BOH Blog about the US Tour

Greetings, this is your excessively bald bassist BOH

I've been working flat out in disguise for about two weeks, and now I’m going to blog about it!

This time we started in New York, going on to Boston, Philadelphia, Concord, Silver Spring, Detroit, Chicago, and Somerset, continuing our metal resistance with six solo concerts and two festivals!


It was a tough journey, but there were no big problems, and I’m glad we got the 2016 world tour started OK.

Every place gave us so much good feedback, and power from the audience, so I returned to Japan feeling extremely happy. In particular this was our second concert at the Chicago House of Blues, and I felt when we were performing that BABYMETAL had powered up by several levels compared to our previous tour.


I couldn’t help but feel grateful to be able to take part in BABYMETAL’s performances, and see so many fans not just from Japan and America, but also from so many other countries coming to see us who loved BABYMETAL.

The unity of our team, the staff, the Kami Band, and the trio of members, gets better each time, and I felt we were able to deliver its power to the audience.


I’ll be in Japan for a while, and next is the European tour in June. So we don’t get left behind by the ever-improving trio, we, the Kami Band, are going to redouble our efforts to make a path for the metal gods to descend.

I’ll fight on “Seiya Soiya” [reference to lyrics from “Karate”] so that we can make the best possible backing, with Japanese pride and the spirit of Bushido driving me on.


Looking forward to seeing you again. (B·o·H)



Translation by: NyanBurger

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