BABYMETAL on "Inside Music" talk Metal Resistance, fanbase support & Rob Zombie

Inside Music interviewed BABYMETAL at Northern Invasion, the girls were asked about the new album "Metal Resistance", Su-Metal battles onstage, the support from their fanbase and Rob Zombie's reaction against haters. Listen the full interview below. 


BABYMETAL interviewed on "Inside Music" Podcast #72.5

BABYMETAL was interviewed on "Inside Music" at the backstage of their last show of the US Tour at Northern Invasion Festival. The girls were asked about the differences between visiting the States before and after Metal Resistance, Su-Metal was asked about "Metal Resistance" and if the album will help them to win "that war", the girls also were asked about the dedication from their fanbase,.


Also the girls were also about the new topic around, Rob Zombie's support, Moametal said the support from artists from the metal scene is very encouraging for them. In additing, Su-Metal was asked about if they are going to sing in other language, a third language in the future.! 


Finally the girls were asked about Download Festival and what are FOX GOD's future plans and obviously the girls said... Only The FOX GOD Knows! 


UPDATE: May 27, 2016 - Transcription by Subtream Magazine



Inside Music: How has you time in America been so far? I know you’ve been stateside in the past, but with all the attention surrounding Metal Resistance I have to imagine things are a bit different this time around.


BABYMETAL: "One thing we want to stress is that our feeling toward what we’re doing doesn’t change. We’re the same group we always have been, But of course, this is our first extensive US tour, and we’re playing bigger venues with a lot more people, so in that sense it is different. The release of Metal Resistance has made a lot more people aware of BABYMETAL, and we are seeing more people at our shows. We’re hoping to find new ways to continue growing our audience."


Inside Music: Su-Metal, you have spoken in the past about naming the album ‘Metal Resistance’ because you felt you were going into battle against some form of resistance every time you stepped on stage. As word of your work has continued to spread, and more people have heard your music, do you feel the response mp to Metal Resistance is helping win that war?


BABYMETAL: "Every concert we perform is a different battle. We’re fighting against ourselves and any resistance or hesitation we may feel. The concerts help us to find ourselves and who we are supposed to be. As we’ve been touring for this release we’re seeing more people who know who we are and what we’re about, so we do feel like Metal Resistance is helping make a difference."


Inside Music: The dedication of your fan base is incredibly impressive. A lot of artists struggle to convince people their music is worth buying, and as a result piracy continues to be a problem. To what do you contribute the fierce dedication to you, your music, and your message that your global following possesses?


BABYMETAL: "We want to be something unique. We want to be the only one of our kind in music. We’re three girls working to fuse cute and metal, which definitely sets us apart. People see us and they’re surprised. They don’t know what to expect and it catches them off guard, which is probably a big part of the reason why they’re so taken by our music."


Inside Music: Speaking of that fierce dedication, there has a been a lot of talk in the media about Rob Zombie’s comments regarding his support of your work. What does it mean to you to hear metal legends say they believe in your work?


BABYMETAL: "When we were at Carolina Rebellion earlier this month Rob Zombie came up and asked for a photo with us. It’s not just him though, as we’ve received a lot of support from people in the industry. It’s all very encouraging for us, and we’re looking forward to becoming friends with the greater metal community." 


Inside Music: I know the English version of “The One” that appeared on the new record has drawn a lot of new people to your work. Do you hope to have more English songs in the future? Would you consider possibly singing in a third language?


BABYMETAL: "When we first released “The One” we were nervous whether or not people would connect with it. People definitely took an interest in the song and it helped build our audience, which has been great. It would be interesting to release more songs in English or even a third language, but at the same time we want to remember our roots. We love the Japanese language, and Japan is our home, so it’s important for us to keep that connection strong."


Inside Music: It was recently revealed that The Fox God is sending you to Download Festival. Beyond your world tour efforts, what else can you tell us about the Fox God’s plans for the future?


BABYMETAL (together, in unison): "Only the Fox God knows."


Listen the full podcast, interview starts at 08:00. 


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    MipoMetal (Thursday, 04 August 2016 13:41)

    They should definitely keep singing in Japanese. It's one of the things that make them so special.