Rob Zombie on BABYMETAL: "I just loved it, it was like nothing I had ever seen before"

BABYMETAL's new fan from the Metal scene is the composer and filmmaker Rob Zombie, who defended BABYMETAL from haters in his own Facebook Page a few days ago. BABYMETAL met Rob at Carolina Rebellion last weekend (Show report). Check the interview from 93X with Rob Zombie below. 


Rob Zombie talks about BABYMETAL on 93X "I just love it"

Pablo of the Radio Station from Minnesota 93X had an interview with Rob Zombie at the Northern Invasion Festival where also BABYMETAL played (Show report). Along with questions about his activities and movies, Rob was asked about BABYMETAL and Rob said: "I saw them live the other day... I just love it, it was like nothing I had evern seen before." But he said more, watch the  video below.


Rob Zombie defended BABYMETAL from haters on his own Facebook Page a week ago after he met BABYMETAL at the backstage of Carolina Rebellion Festival. He said he met his new pals and some of his fans reacted negativelly, read more about it, CLICK HERE 


Watch Pablo from 93X interviewing Rob about BABYMETAL below!

Watch the full interview, CLICK HERE


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