Su-Metal on why "KARATE" is the first Single of "Metal Resistance" on Kerrang

BABYMETAL new song KARATE was featured once again on Kerrang! Magazine Rock Chart, in addition, Su-Metal was interviewed to talk about the song dance moves and more, check the scans and read the interview below.


KARATE & Su-Metal featured in the new issue of Kerrang! Magazine

BABYMETAL's first Single from "Metal Resistance" is #8 on Kerrang! Magazine Rock Chart this week in the new issue 1619. In addition, Su-Metal was interviewed by Kerrang! to talk about why the song is the first Single, KARATE moves and Wembley Arena performance.


Why did you choose KARATE as the first Signle off Metal Resistance?

Su-Metal: "Only The FOX GOD Knows about the full details. But I think the theme of this song is about challenging and surpassing yourself from the past and moving forward by overcoming each barrier, one by one. There are many lyrics that are about our way of pressing forward through uncharted roads - it shows our intention of never giving up." 


Did you have to learn any KARATE moves for the video?

Su-Metal: "Yes, we did! After the song was finished, we became intersted in karate, so we learned the different forms of it by watching videos."


How did it feel playing KARATE live at your massive Wembley Arena back in April? 

Su-Metal: "I was surprised, because everyone was singing the "Seiya!" part. This was the first time we performed the song outside of Japan, as well." 





Scans courtesy of: The Thrawn

Get your copy of Kerrang! Magazine issue 1619, click here.


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