Suzuka's grandfather talks about her career on Shukan Shincho

Suzuka's grandfather was interviewed on Shukan Shincho, intrview published on April 27. He talks about her career from the very beginnings, mentions Himeka and the times he miss Suzuka in Hiroshima. Read a summary of the interview with quotes and scans below. 


Shukan Shincho interviews Suzuka Nakamoto's grandfather

Suzuka's grandfather has 74 years old and has a construction company where his son works now. Suzuka's father used to play bass in the Rock band "Hooligan" (Read more here). 


Grandfather mentions that Suzuka is his third granddaugther after the second Himeka Nakamoto now member of Nogizaka46 and the bigger of the three known by Suzuka as "Elder Sister" (unknown name). 


When Suzuka still wearing diapers she became model for Mikihouse, then for a Bandai Commercial and also became backpacks model for a local supermarket. After that, Suzuka and Himeka attended to the Actors School Of Hiroshima to learn singing and dancing lessons with great success. "When she was still wearing diapers, Suzuka was a model for Mikihouse, and she was in a commercial for Bandai. When she was in kindergarten, she was also model for backpacks in a local supermarket. When she entered elementary school, Himeka and Suzuka took singing and dancing lessons at an actors school of a local tv station" 


"No, I couldn't have imagined my granddaughter would make it so far. In the past I had a cafe, and my grandchildren often came to eat, and they also sang."


"In 2008 Suzuka was scouted by a big company in public entertainment, and she made her debut in the idol unit "Karen Girl's", and then she entered the idol group "Sakura Gakuin". When her elder sister Himeka was chosen as member of Nogizaka46, they both moved to Tokyo. By chance one of her managers was into heavy metal, and that lead to the birth of BABYMETAL. That matched with her rock-lover blood."


In 2008, Suzuka joined Amuse after an audition and became member of Karen Girl's, and later member of Sakura Gakuin, and later BABYMETAL with great success. 


When Himeka was officially selected as Nogizaka46 member, they together had to move to Tokyo. 


There is also mention about Suzuka's father. He became professional musician with the band "Hooligan". After 10 years of activity and due grandfather's heart issues had to return to Hiroshima to join the construction company business, because of this had to retire from music scene. 


It's also mentioned that Suzuka is a genius from the very beginning and she is the kind of person that when is decided about something never tends to break.  "A genius will show even at an early age." (From Japanese proberb). 


Grandfather says that sometimes miss her in Hiroshima, and feels a bit lonely but ofter tries to go to overseas events and he is really looking forward to Tokyo Dome show in September of 2016. 




Scans by: Taratect

Summary by: Hitoshi Sugioka.

Quotes translated added after summary by: Gakushabaka

Read: Hironobu Kageyama about Suzuka and her father, read here.


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