Oricon report & photos of Sakura Gakuin 2016 transference ceremony

Sakura Gakuin held the first event of 2016 Fiscal Year at the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo to introduce the three new students and announce the new Students Council President Sara Kurashima. Read below Oricon's report translated and live photos by Natalie and EntameNext.  


Sakura Gakuin 2016 Transference Equation Ceremony, report & photos

Photo edited by Newswire
Photo edited by Newswire

The growth phase consisting of elementary and junior high school students, on May 6 performed "Sakura Gakuin 2016, Transference Equation" in Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, where Yuzumi Shintani (Junior High 1st Grade), Tsugumi Aritomo (Elementary School 6th Grader), Momoe Mori (Elementary School 6th Grader), joined as the transfer students. The 6th Generation Students Council President Sara Kurashima (Junior High School 3rd Grader) was announced in a large cheer of 2.000 Fukei (Sakura Gakuin Fans). 


In the middle of the performance took place the "Home Room" corner, the 3 transfer students first were unveiled. Shintani showed admiration for one person, a graduate from the same unit, she cited Ayaka Miyoshi by doing: "The model-san and actress is doing anything, cool, cool. I want to be in style that cool!" With shining eyes. 


"I love the comedy", Tsugumi showed off her favorite gag of Shigeo Tsujimoto, it was a soft play with a little mistake that caused chewing. Mori who is an impersonation maniac (Performed on Eri Fukatsu's "Kisei-juu") aligned to the lineup grabbing the heart of the fans early.


After the encore, were announced Sara Kurashima as 6th Generation Students Council President, Mirena Kurosawa (Junior High School 3rd Grader) as MC Chairman and Aiko Yamaide (Junior High School 2nd Grader) as Students Council Vice-President. Kurashima didn't hide her surprise, but soon switched her facil expression calling a strong "Sakura Gakuin 2016 thank you!", lowering deeply her head and receiving applause and warm cheers. 


Sakura Gakuin's rule is all Junior High School 3rd Graders have to graduate from the group in March to close the "Growth Period Limited Unit". Ayaka Miyoshi the actress and model, also Airi Matsui, and the trio of the Metal Dance Unit BABYMETAL are graduates. 







05-Song for Smiling

06-Hello! IVY

-New uniforms introduction-

-Home Room transfer students introduction- 



-2016 Students meeting-

08-School Days

09-Yume ni Mukatte



Translation by: Maik Gianino

Article by: Oricon Style

Photos by: AmuseNatalie & EntameNext


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