BABYMETAL send Mother's Day message to FOX GOD's mother

Fuse TV released another segment of their exclusive interview with BABYMETAL in New York City on April 4. In this part, the girls, actually Su-Metal send greetings to FOX GOD's mother! Watch below!


BABYMETAL celebrates mother's day thaking the FOX GOD's mother

In a new part of the exclusive interview with Fuse TV, BABYMETAL send a message to FOX GOD's mother, GOD Mother to celebrate Mother's Day. Watch the other segments of the interview, click here, and click here.


Su-Metal explains: "The Fox God's mother is God Mother, the one who blessed us with metal music and we would like to say thanks to her. Since we've become Babymetal, we have been exposed to a world we never knew existed. We would like to say thanks for the new music perspective. We would also like to say thanks for the fact that we have been able to to go so many new places."


Watch the video below!



Interview courtesy of: Fuse TV

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    SaturnFX (Friday, 06 May 2016 00:38)

    Cutest cult ever..

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