OK Music report: Takayoshi's band UROBOROS first oneman show

Kami Band Takayoshi Ohmura's new band UROBOROS played its first oneman live (headline show) on April 29 at Tsutaya O-East, OK Music wrote a live report of the event where Ohmura's band released a bunch of new songs! Read the report and check the photos below. 


OK Music Live report from Ohmura's band UROBOROS show "The Ark Of Zodiac"

UROBOROS just released the 2nd EP "Zodiac". The other day on April 29 was the first oneman live "The Ark Of Zodiac" held at Tsutaya O-East. 


The live begins with "Chokmah" which is the beginning of "Zodiac", the voltage from the beginning and rapid sucession by the lead track of the new work "Zodiac" which was unveiled became into a climax. The dense performance backed by the virtusism, is blowing by the heat which is not only the feeling of the band members, it runs through the opening music to "Lost Eden", "Zoetrope" and advance.


"By the fact that this is the first oneman show, I think it's nice that you are feeling the experience together in this hot night. Until the end let's get excited!" said the vocalist Aya Kamiki. Following "Infection", "Lunar Eclipse", and the strings intro of "Black Swallowtail" occurring a large cheer, which increase the amount of heat more and more. 


The new songs, "Reincarnation", "Wiegenleid" were preparated for this live also debuted today. The roar of the members was impressive during the music of "IGNIS". 


The last song decorated the finale of the new "Zodiac" with "Luminous". Until all the songs and music were released, the members went forth and left the stage wrapped by a white fog. Of course then calls for an encore weren't stoping ringing. A little later, the members appeared dressed with T-shirt. 


It was unveiled from the first EP "Another Ark" an English version of "Black Swalowtail" and further an English Version of "Zodiac". Their representative music reincarnated, the sound of the performance put a strong impression that this is a rock band to compete in the world. 





03-Lost Eden



06-Lunar Eclipse


08-Black Swallowtail

09-Red moon




13-From Hell




16-Black Swallow Tail English Ver.

17-Zodiac English Ver. 




Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka. 

Report by: OK Music

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