Violinist Chisako Takashima listening "Metal Resistance" during practices

Popular Japanese violinist Chisako Takashima composer of several albums wrote a brief LINE Blog entry about her next event and "Metal Resistance" The One Limited Edition that appeared in her practice room! Read what she has to say about Heavy Metal music and BABYMETAL below. 


Chisako Takashima LINE Blog about "Metal Resistance"

Chisako Takashima composer of albums like "Chisa & Mino", "Muteki Sou Yawa", "Colours" or "Graceful Love Sounds", and splendid live musician wrote a small LINE Blog entry about "Metal Resistance" and Heavy Metal music. In addition to make this article more related with BABYMETAL please watch her beautiful live performance with Taro Hakase below. Taro Hakase interviewed BABYMETAL last year on J-WAVE, read here.


"This was secluded in the practice room for an amount of time.

I discovered this kind of thing when I was practicing! 



Also, this violin is not uncommon (note: she usually posts photos of her violin), but this gorgeous CD of BABYMETAL is! It's a personal belonging of my husband. 

Just like my husband, I love Rock and Heavy Metal. I have been going to see lives alone for a long time.

Looks like what I have always loved is in BABYMETAL

I have also been practicing guitar in the middle of the night, but today I have not been able to practice since I am busy, I'm sorry...

I will be free by tomorrow. 

Well, tomorrow is the first day of "Fantasia Concert". 

Looking forward to it."




Chisako Takashima, LINE Blog

Chisako Takashima Albums on CD Japan


Article and translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka


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