How I stopped worrying and began to love Yuimetal

Otapol published this super cute article about Yui Mizuno "Yuimetal" how he started (as many fans) to get worried about her weight and health. He talks about his worryness, impressions and how he stopped worrying and began to love Yuimetal. Yuimetal fans will love this article! Translation below. 


Otapol: How I stopped worrying and began to love Yuimetal

"Yui lost weight? Did I go crazy?"

In January 2013, when I was watching NHK's program "Music Japan", a band of three girls was jumping up and down to 'Ijime, Dame!'. "What is this?" Talking about bullying. Children don't like Metal. I switched channels while laughing. For me, such entrenched thing, BABYMETAL appears as a sensitive pack that touch adults' heartstrings. "Did I go crazy?"


"Yui chan, did you lose weight?"

Three years later, I'm stunned in front of my computer: "No, wait, this is probably due to the light" Yuimetal appeared in images uploaded on Twitter by certain magazine in March and seemed to be as thin as ever. 


I wonder if my eyes were just tired. And in little time, the volume of her cheeks, the self-proclaimed "puni puni", was so small. Even if you re-touched the light and dark of the picture in Photoshop, you couldn't seem to find the answer.


"Yui chan, are you ok?"

When they became the first Japanese band to perform at London's Wembley Arena, I got worried about them having troubles. But no, the dancing was always intense as athletes. Even if she had wounds all over her body, her stoic spirit would remain. "Is she approaching the yearning style of Ariana Grande? Or is because she is only eating tomatoes?"


"She is too thin. What should I do?"

Even if you search on Twitter: "Yui is thin" (ゆい 痩せた) you will find voices of anxiety about it. I was about to send a picture to a friend who does light editing asking: "Is this just a light adjustment?". At 2 o'clock midnight, doing this crazy story because I was too worried, even my own physical condition was affected somehow. I looked like Thomas the Train, running and running. 


Could I have imagined that 3 years ago? I was hyped to see BABYMETAL for their first time headline in the UK. And couldn't fall asleep due to anxiety and worry about a girl half my age. 


A year has passed since her graduation from Sakura Gakuin. Her other face, Yui Mizuno, wasn't showing up so often now, and you could only catch a glimpse of her during her Yuimetal moments. I heard something about "Yui Lag" or "Yui Bug" because she acts sometimes a little delayed. "Is this extreme meddling?" As friends of her same age are with their families, I wonder if she is Ok. Bombing attacks in Brussels airport, in Belgium, I always think about BABYMETAL's safety everytime something happens abroad. Like I take care of her as my child. 


But she always leaves the best result on stage. She wasn't born as superman, besides, she is neither a Goddess or an Angel, she is a simple human being of flesh and blood touched by success. 


However, the live viewing of the Wembley Arena show was at late midnight on April 2. 4 O'clock in the morning, the scenes reflected on Zepp Divercity screens in Tokyo blew me away.  Three skeleton bodies with iron masks wearing white clothes, as they appeared as their latest MV "KARATE", appeared on stage opening the performance. I thought it was BABYMETAL without a doubt. In order to welcome the new legend unexplored before by the Japanese, we cheered with the Kitsune sign. 


But, this was different. They appeared on the center stage. There was a real thing there. We yelled out loud for a while. Finally the live started and confirmed their image, their "geniune" physics was properly restored. 


The usual dancing cutting the wind, she regained her normal "Puni Puni" cheeks. The feeling of relief thrilled me. That may be a temporary change, but I will never know the truth. 


"Yokatta!!" (So good!!) 


The climax attacks from the very beginning. Yuimetal looked like she was having fun. I know her facial expressions and sometimes noticed a glimpse of her smile. It probably can be seen in her eyes too. 


At the end we saw the venue become one as "THE ONE" was played. Yuimetal's smile overlooking all the national flags from various countries in the audiences was the answer. National flags of European countries hit by terrorism and immigration problems spreading all at once, I thought that "BABYMETAL's goal to make the world become one" was completed. Each member's was full of joy. That light in their pupils will never disappear. 




Article by: Otapol

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.

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    Marissa (Monday, 21 August 2017 12:56)

    But now, 2017, she is skinnier than ever. She is literally bone.. I think she has an eating disorder... it looks like it's only getting worse and I feel so bad for the poor girl