MTV Inside Special: Feature and Interview with BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL was featured on MTV Japan with a 30 minutes special to promote the new album "Metal Resistance". The special called "MTV Inside" features footage of BABYMETAL's live performances, Music Videos, an Interview with Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal and brief comments about the band by artists from the Metal scene. Watch below! 


BABYMETAL appearance and interview on MTV: Inside Special of MTV Japan

MTV Japan broadcated on April 30 at 21:00 Japanese Time a 30 minutes special called "MTV Inside: BABYMETAL, Metal Resistance" including an exclusive interview with Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal footage of their most popular Music Videos, live overseas footage and "Metal Resistance" album review. 


In addition, important artists from Metal music scene were interviewed like: Michael Weikath from HElloween, Herman Li from Dragonforce, Matthew Heify from Trivium and the editor in chief of Metal Hammer Magazine. 


Watch below the full broadcast which includes most of the content in English and English subtitles of the interview with the girls! 


Translation and Subtitles by: Thomas Malone.