BABYMETAL "On Record" interview on Scuzz TV from UK

BABYMETAL was interviewed in United Kingdom on March 30 before their show at Wembley Arena on April 2. The 19 minutes interview called "On Record" features questions about their concept, "Metal Resistance", Yokohama Arena, Wembley Arena, US Tour and more! Watch below. 


BABYMETAL "On Record" about their concept, "Metal Resistance" music & lyrics

After they answer their favorite bands and what music they are into lately, they speak about Wembley Arena: "We went to Wembley Arena before to watch Five Seconds Of Summer and we were like 'wow this is a huge venue", says Moametal


The meaning and concept of BABYMETAL, "We were summoned by the FOX GOD to become a heavy metal band and that's how it all started back in Japan and we continue doing BABYMETAL as dicted by the FOX GOD", said Yuimetal.


They also talk about the performance at Yokohama Arena "The Third Chapter Of Trilogy": "...was actually there where we played the song THE ONE from the new album for the very first time. On the second day we closed with that song and that's when we flew above the crowd so we could see all of our fans' faces, because usually we're so far away that we can't really see them. And I  think that's when we realised, woo it's because of all these people that we're here today", says Su-Metal.


Then the girls are asked about a few songs of the new album "Metal Resistance" like "THE ONE", "Road Of Resistance", "KARATE, "META! Taro"


Moametal says: "Metal Resistance is a new exploration for us, tackling a lot of different types of metal. Everyone of them is very interesting but KARATE is one of my favourites. We just released a new video and just reading through the comments the response from the people abroad has been great."


About "META! Taro" and "Sis.Anger" an exploring Metal music Su-Metal said: "At the beginning when we were first introduced to metal, it was like a oh my God what is this. This is too loud. Too scary. It wasn't something we were familiar with. But now that we're exposed to it we know how to appreciate metal and we enjoy it very much... with META! Taro which as you mentioned, is viking metal. But it's a BABYMETAL twist on viking metal, because it has become a song that maybe someone who's not interested in metal might listen to and think, hey this is a cool song."


On the positive message of BABYMETAL lyrics Su-Metal said: "There are a lot of positive messages in this albm and again, going back to Road Of Resistance that song is really important for us. There is a fragment of the yrics which says that no matter what happens even if you fall down you should never give up. And messages like that are very important for us... It's not just in the lyrics, sometimes  feel like when I'm on stage listening to the drums and the guitars, it fees like all of those sounds are supporting me, pushimg me forward so that's why in this album especially compared to the previous one has more of those positive elements in all forms."


Moametal mentions that the first album is their business card while in the second album "...if you listen to it you can really feel our growth. It's a proof that we have grown as a band... We are taller now, our voices have matured, everything about us have changed. We're growing in so many different aspects and on so many levels and the proof of all of that is the new album."


The reception and relashionsihp with US audience, "I think that American fans enjoy the more pop songs better, like "Iine!" (Scuzz translation wrongly says "Ijime") and "Awadamaba Fever" from the new album", says Moametal


Eating on the road, the favorite part of the interviews for Moametal (see her reaction!): "That's one of the things we always look forward to when we visit new places and countries, is checking out the local food. We get our strenght from food, so obviously we don't skip out on our meals when we're on the road", says Yuimetal. 


BABYMETAL in 5 years, "Just looking two years back, we were not even out of Japan. So to be where we are right now is a big big honour for us, to be able to tour the world at this age. So it's reall hard to tell where we will be in 5 years. At the same time our aim is always the same we want to  continue to do what we believe in, continue to create the new genre called BABYMETAL and be the only band out there doing what we're doing. That's our long term goal." 



Watch the full 19 minutes interview with BABYMETAL below! 

Interview published by: Scuzz TV on Sky TV


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