Watch BBC Documentary: "Wembley To Tokyo" featuring BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL was featured in a 25 minutes documentary broadcasted on BBC from United Kingdom about the Japanese culture.. In this post on Newswire you will see the segment dedicated to BABYMETAL which is actually the trigger of the documentary, BABYMETAL at Wembley Arena to Tokyo, Japan. Watch the segment below! 


BABYMETAL featured on BBC "Wembley To Tokyo" documentary

BABYMETAL was featured in the BBC from United Kingdom. The girls were interviewed in London, England when the band visited the country to play at the Wembley Arena in London on April 2 after the release of "Metal Resistance" on April 1. The documentary features footage at Wembley Arena, interviewed the girls about the experience at Wembley Arena and fans outside Wembley to talk about why they like BABYMETAL.


Introduction of the documentary: 

"Japanese culture is all around us, from games to movies, comic books to fashion magazines; and it's something that's fascinated Dev since he was a kid. The biggest cultural export from Japan in recent years has been the phenomenal rise of Babymetal; 3 school age girls fusing Metal with J-Pop, who recently performed a sold out concert in front of 12,000 fans at Wembley Arena."


Watch the full segment dedicated to BABYMETAL below!

You can also watch the full 24 minutes documentary here

Original documentary by: BBC


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