BABYMETAL in New York interviewed on Revolver TV

BABYMETAL was interviewed in New York City earlier this month when they held a Press Conference on April 4 to promote the release of its new album "Metal Resistance" and the upcoming US Tour in May. The girls talk about with Revolver TV about this and also about Tokyo Dome and The Late Show performance! Watch below. 


BABYMETAL on "Metal Resistance", Wembley Arena, Tokyo Dome & The Late Show

The girls stopped to talk with Revolver TV from United States to promote the new album and their upcoming US Tour staring in May. Su-Metal talked about "Metal Resistance" and the simultaneos worldwide release, they are happy about people enjoying the album. 


Also Su-Metal talked about the song "The One" and singing in English, people studying their songs in Japanese and now now people is able to sing in English with them, they are happy about it. The journalist gives honest congratulations for Su-Metal's singing English. 


Meanwhile, Yuimetal talks about the experience of playing at Wembley Arena and their first show at Tokyo Dome in September. Lastly, Moametal talks about their performance at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, expections and anxiety to play at The Late Show. 


Watch the full interview below!

Interview courtesy of: RevolverMag


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