Collaboration: BABYMETAL is character of Super Mario Maker!

BABYMETAL in collaboration with Nintendo is now a playable character of Super Mario Maker! Announced today with 2 promotional videos, BABYMETAL appears to be a very fun character of the game, check more details below! 


BABYMETAL x Super Mario Maker collaboration!

BABYMETAL appears in a new collaboration, this time with Nintendo to appear in "Super Mario Maker"BABYMETAL announced via Nintendo the collaboration with the very popular WiiU videogame "Super Mario Maker". The collaboration features BABYMETAL in 8-bit being part of the dame jumping on platforms and getting coins just like Super Mario including words like "Kitsune Da~O", "Dame!" and "Soiya", words from their popular songs! Beginning on April 28, a downloadable Mystery Mushroom costume featuring Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal will be available in Japan.


This is not a surprise since Su-Metal mentioned in the live stream interview on Twitch (Watch the full interview here) that Super Mario Maker is her favorite videogame! 


-Read below their comments about the game. 

Su-Metal: To all the viewers of Super Mario Maker's Website, good afternoon!

Su-Metal Death! Yuimetal Death! Moametal Death! We are... BABYMETAL! 

Su-Metal: "A BABYMETAL Mario character for Super Mario Maker has been announced! YUIMETAL, what was your impression when you saw it?"

Yuimetal: "I played it since I was little, I can't believe that we could appear in a Mario game, I'm really happy (DEATH)!"

Su-Metal: "What about Moametal?"

Moametal: "Well, in this game that's being released, this time we recorded our own voices to match with our movements, so I hope everyone will look forward to seeing the final result."

Su-Metal: "So, by all means, please get BM's character for Super Mario Maker!"

-See You!


Watch below BABYMETAL introducing the collaboration and the video gameplay!





Find more details on: Nintendo Japan.

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