Kami Band join forces: Yuya Maeta joins Isao Fujita's band "Spark7" on Tour!

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Drums Yuya Maeta joins Kami Band God Of Guitar Isao Fujita's band "Spark7" in 2 shows of their mini-tour in Japan in May. Maeta will be the replacement of Nick Pierce who can't make it due an injury in his back. Check the details below. 


Isao's band "Spark7" mini-tour in Tokyo with Yuya Maeta on the drums

Isao Fujita joined officially BABYMETAL Kami Band as God Of Guitar on August 20 of 2015 (Show report) where he played for first tiime with the band at Tsutaya O-East for "Apocrypha, The Red Mass II". Meanwhile Yuya Maeta was active God Of Drums during part of the World Tour 2014 playing more than 10 shows with BABYMETAL.



Isao's band "Spark7" is going to hold a mini-tour in Japan, at first the show was expected to have 4 shows in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. The tour was affected since the drumer Nick Pierce got injured and the tour was reduced to 2 dates! God Of Drums Yuya Maeta will join Spark7 mini-tour! 


Isao's Spark7 confirmed band: 

Isao Fujita (Guitars)

Gianluca Ferro (Guitars)

Taku Yabuki (Keyboard)


Yuya Maeta (Drums)



Date: May 1

Venue: Silver Elephant in Kichiiyoji, tokyo

Tickets: On sale

Guests: e-ZUKA (Guitars) 



Date: May 4

Live Bar The DOORS in Hatsudai, Tokyo

Tickets: On sale

Guests: e-ZUKA (Guitars) & Shinichi Kobayashi (Guitars) 





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