Kami Band Hideki Aoyama talk BABYMETAL, Kami Band & Makeup

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Drum Hideki Aoyama along with his brother Tomoki Aoyama talked on Sky Perfect TV about drumming. In a few questions Hideki was asked about BABYMETAL and Kami Band, read a summary and watch the interview below. 


Hideki says that Kami Band doesn't use make up, is a revelation from Kitsune-Sama

Hideki Aoyama vs Tomoki Aoyama live talk held by Sky Perfect TV "Music AIR" on April 24 featured the Aoyama brothers talking about drumming and personal projects including comments about their drum seminar in February. 

God Of Drums, Hideki answered a few questions about BABYMETAL and Kami Band (starting at 03:30 in the video)


Which BABYMETAL song is your favorite to play? 

Hideki: "All are fun to play but songs like "Megitsune" and "Onedari Daisakusen", even if they aren't heavy, even if among the BABYMETAL songs there is always a impression of speed, unexpectedly these songs have a 120-130bmp tempo, but they have a groovy and pop kind of feeling."


What are the points of awareness in BABYMETAL's drumming? 

Hideki: "From the moment I become a Kami (God) and go to the stage, it's as if there was a switch and I transform from Hideki Aoyama into a Kami."


How much time does it take to make-up?

Hideki: "It's not make-up., Kitsune-Sama descends into me after we received the revelation. It's like this for all the members, it's like a switch and we transform. I have to become a God. I enjoy the stage with all my efforts together with everyone." 




Translation by: gakushabaka


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