BABYMETAL before performance interview on Music Station

BABYMETAL appeared for fourth time at Music Station Live of TV Asahi on April 22, the group played KARATE. Before the performance Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal were interviewed to talk about the latests activities of the band. Watch the interview with English Subtitles below. 


BABYMETAL on overseas world & Wembley Arena on Music Station Interview

BABYMETAL appeared for fourth time at Music Station. The first time was in February of 2014 (Show report), then in December of 2014 (Show report), after than one year later in December of 2015 (Show report) and recently on April 22 (Show report). 


This time BABYMETAL performed "KARATE" for the first time at Music Station. Before the performance the girls, Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal were interviewed. The introduction featured the success of the new album "Metal Resistance" on Billboard US Top Albums chart, and the performance at Wembley Arena. The girls mentioned the experience at Wembley Arena and the experiences outside Japan. 


Watch the full interview and full performance below. 

Interview translated by: Thomas Malone


Before Performance Interview

BABYMETAL at Music Station