Ariana Grande talk BABYMETAL "It's totally innovative and out of the  box"

Ariana Grande Yui's most important Idol was interviewed in Japan on J-Wave. Ariana was asked about Japanese Music and Japanese artists, she mentioned BABYMETAL and talked about their concept. Listen the full audio below. 


Ariana Grande interviewed on J-Wave talks about BABYMETAL's concept

BABYMETAL met Ariana Grande last year at Summer Sonic Festival (See more here), Yui Mizuno's favorite Pop Artist was interviewed on J-Wave. Ariana talked about Japanese Music, Japanese artists like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and BABYMETAL


About BABYMETAL she said: "They are so cool. What is that? So cool, so different. Their live show is crazy."


"I think there is always something so exciting about seeing something that is never been done before, because is so hard you know? Everybody is influenced by something, and you know, everything is been done already so, it's so crazy to see something like that and it's totally innovative and out of the  box."


"It's fantastic, I love it!" 





Interview by: J-Wave


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