Bassist BOH to appear on "Motto2 High-Grade Magazine Vol.001"

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Bass BOH will appear in the Cover of the first issue of "Motto2 High-Grade" Magazine Vol.001. The first release ever it's going to feature Bassist BOH! Read more below. 


BABYMETAL Kami Band BOH to appear on "Motto2 High-Grade Vol.001" on April 27

"Motto2" Magazine features a combination of photo sessions with interviews and features of music artists. The first issue of "Motto2" features BABYMETAL Kami Band member BOH in a special photo session and long interview! 


Bassist BOH will appear in the Page 54 along with Tetsuya Kanmuri of "The Crown". BOH is featured as bassist of BABYMETAL Kami Band and Kari Band. The content of the Vol.001 includes a the photo session and also in a long interview with "Motto2". Motto2 will feature 114 colour pages in the first rIssue with BOH in the page #54. 

Check below the trailer of the issue featuring BOH in the second half! 


To order the Magazine please visit THIS LINK, in order to include your email in the Mail List of the Website. 

Cover of "Motto2 High-Grade  Vol.001" with special photo session of BOH!  


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