BABYMETAL discuss "Amore", "GJ!", "Tales Of The Destinies" and Black Metal

Loudwire released a second part of its interview with BABYMETAL (Watch the part 1 here). In the second part Graham speaks with the girls about 3 songs from "Metal Resistance" and Black Metal. Watch the interview below. 


BABYMETAL gives impressions of "Amore", "GJ!" and "Tales Of The Destinies"

During BABYMETAL's Press Conference in New York City Loudwire had the chance to make an exclusive interview with the girls. In the first part (Watch here) the girls shared their impressions about "Awadama Fever" and Wembley Arena. In this second part the girls spoke about songs like "Amore", "GJ!", and "Tales Of The Destinies".


Also, Moametal spoke about "Sis.Anger" and Black Metal music.: ""Sis.Anger" was our first challenge to do Black Metal, which was only possible to be done by Black Babymetal. The first time I listened to this song, I thought it was really scary. But I think it's music that's possible all the more for Yuimetal and Moametal from Black Babymetal."


Yuimetal: ""GJ!" is a song to cheer up fathers that have to bear with rush hours and working hours and mothers that have to do the household work and going out shopping."



In addition, Su-Metal made mention to "No  Rain, No Rainbow" and a comparation between "Akatsuki" and "Amore". 

Su-Metal: ""No Rain, No Rainbow" is a song from about two years ago. We've been perofrming this song at our shows little by little. The reason of why we're putting it out as a CD or in this new album at this timing is because my vocals are more mature now..." 


Watch the full interview below!

Interview by: Loudwire


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