BABYMETAL feature & Interivew on The Japan News issue April 16

BABYMETAL was interviewed on The Japan News Issue of April 16 to talk about the new album "Metal Resistance", the reaction from fans to the new music, playing at Sonisphere in 2014, meeting Metallica in 2013 and their show at Wembley Arena in London on April 2, 2016. Article transcripted and photos of the issue below. 


BABYMETAL rock on with the new Album and 3rd World Tour

BABYMETAL, who have excited fans across the world with their unconvencional fusion of heavy metal and their singers'kawaii (cute) appearance, released their second album worldwide on April 1 and performed solo in a concert at London's iconic Wembley Arena - the first Japanese artist to do so - on the following day. 


The album, "Metal Resistance", debuted at No.15 on the Official Albums Chart in Britain and at 39th place on the US Billboard 200 Charts. The group fronted by a trio of teenage girls bkaced by a band of excellent heavy metal musicians is traveling down an ubeaten path. 


The new album was released about two years after the debut album. The  title is meant to symbolize the group's self-styled aim of reviving heavy metal as an orcale of the "Fox God."


Some of the 12 songs on the album have lyrics in English, reflecting the fact that the group's broad repertoire has become even wider. The playful spirit of the album is one of BABYMETAL's characteristics. 


"I'm sure first-time listeners of our music will be amazed by the album and thing 'Wow, what's this all about??'" said Su-Metal, one of the trio of young girls who do the singing and dancing. 


BABYMETAL supported their 2014 debut album with two world tours. They have also performed at music festivals in Japan and abroad. "I believe the music in our latest album is very new as it includes various musical genres we have encountered on tour and at festivals, whil also exhibiting our signature style," said Yuimetal, another of the trio. 


Her counterpart Moametal added: "Our debut album was meant to make us known. The new album is meant to make people like our music more. It's the fruit of our growth and adventures over the past two years."


The album at last includes "No Rain, No Rainbow", which had already been created when the first album was released. "At that time, I focused on making no mistakes when singing this song. Now, I realize I can fully convey my feelings when I sing it."



Some people are attracted to the group's apparent intent to satirize today's idol boom in Japan and pay tribute to visual-kei bands (groups of musicians who express their aesthetic world with makeup and costumes). In addition, the marvelous musical performances by the backing band, called Kami Band (God Band), move even heavy metal fans.


In short, BABYMETAL are cute and cool. A turning point was their first participation in an overseas usic festival in the summer of 2014. Commenting on the group's performance in Britain during the Sonisphere festival in 2014 Yuimetal said: "Most members of the audience were hearing our music for the first time. But as we sang one song after another, more and more people began raising their hands while twisting their fingers in our trademark fox shape and getting into the rhythm of our music. When the concert ended, they shouted, 'More, more!' I felt they had accepted our music despite the language barrier. I was very nervous before appearing on the stage, but I was very confident in the end."


Their next aim is "to unite with the audience," Su-Metal said. This explains why the audience can sing along with many of the new songs and their lyrics have such phrases as "our hearts are united" and "we aren't alone."


The three girls said they have been influenced by the US heavy metal band Metallica. "When we met them at Summer Sonic 2013, I thought they were funny and nice, so I casually asked them to take photos with us," Yuimetal said. "When I saw their concert, they had great presence and power to draw the auience into their music." 


Su-Metal said: "Listening to their music endend my stereotypical idea that we hear music only with our ears. Their music stuck in my heart. I can reflect that feeling in our concerts now. I'm very grateful."


The recent concert at Wembley Arena in London kicked off the group's third world tour. "I feel Britain is our second home. The audience there always warmly accept us." Yuimetal said before the concert. "It's our first concert at an arena overseas. We'll put everything we've learned at our past concerts into it so that even people who sit farthest from the stage will feel it was worth coming."


The tour will end at Tokyo Dome in September. After performing at such prominent venues, it may be difficult for the group to plan their next goal. "I also wondered what we could do next after we performed at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo (in 2014)." Su-Metal said. "To my surprise, our next performance was overseas. The fox god always comes up with something unimaginable, so we can probably go somewhere." 



Article and Intervew by: The Japan News

Photos of the Issue courtesy of: KPapa-Metal

Transcription by: Maik Gianino.


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