BABYMETAL about Wembley Arena and meaning of "Awadama Fever" on Loudwire

BABYMETAL was interviewed at the Press Conference in New York City on April 4 by Graham of Loudwire to talk about the new album "Metal Resistance", their biggest headline show outside Japan at Wembley Arena in London on April 2 and also about their song "Awadama Fever" from the second studio album "Metal Resistance", watch the interview below.


BABYMETAL about Wembley Arena experience and "Awadama Fever" on Loudwire

BABYMETAL girls Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal were interviewed on Loudwire to talk about the show at Wembley Arena in London and the third track of "Metal Resistance", "Awadama Fever". Su-Metal mentioned they were very nervous before the show started at Wembley, "at first, it was a tough room, both us and the audience couldn't find the right groove and were wondering along, but as the show went on we all came together and at the end, everyone was singing along with us..."


Su-Metal also mentioned about the theme of this World Tour, "our theme is all about 'The One' so my heart filled with a lot of emotions at how this first show is actually reflecting what we are trying to achieve through this tour." 


About the pressure of making a better album than the previous album, Moametal says: "We were anxious if we could make a better album than the previous album, but when I listed to the finished new "Metal Resistance", it was such an interesting album I was relieved and definitely full of confidence."


They speak about Awadama Fever, Su-Metal says: "I have an impression that even thought it's metal, it brings out a lot of our "Kawaii" bits. But this song has a message which tell that 'with this bubblegum, you could fly to anywhere you want if you have a dream'."


Watch the full interview below! 

Interview by: Loudwire. 


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