BABYMETAL Special feature on Young Guitar Magazine May 2016

As part of the promotion of their new album "Metal Resistance", BABYMETAL appeared in the cover with a very special feature on Young Guitar Magazine. The girls were interviewed, Dragonforce talked about "Road Of Resistance" and Marty Friedman reviewed the new album. Check the scans below! 


BABYMETAL in the cover of Young Guitar Magazine May 2016

Young Guitar Magazine May issue was released on April 9 features BABYMETAL in the cover for first time with a special edition of ESP Flying V guitars designed for Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal. The issue features a special photo session with the girls, an super interview of 12.000 characters with them. 


Also includes untold stories and information about the making process of "Road Of Resistance" by Dragonforce members Herman Li and Sam Totman who composed the guitars of the song released in 2015. In addition Marty Friedman discuss about the new album "Metal Resistance"




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Scans courtesy of our collaborator: Rene Colorado

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