Live Review: Metal Resistance Kick Off Party & Metal Resistance Exhibition

In order to celebrate the release of the new album "Metal Resistance", BABYMETAL and Tower Records held "Metal Resistance Kick Off Party" and "Metal Resistance Exhibition" and several others activities nationwide. Read below the live review of both events by our member Hitoshi. 


BABYMETAL "Metal Resistance" celebrations in collaboration with Tower Records

When BABYMETAL released the debut album, couldn't attend to the release night event. That was in February of 2014 when the base of fans was reduced. But this year on March 29 was able to attend to the "Kick Off Party" of "Metal Resistance" the second album of BABYMETAL at Tower Records Shibuya B1F Cutup Studio. Was at midnight of March 28, actually March 29, the official release day of "Metal Resistance" in Japan. The event was held at Tower Records Shibuya in Tokyo. All the Tower Records events started this day, but the "Kick Off Party" started at midnight. 


The event was hosted by Tower Records President Ikuo Minewaki, he is big fan of BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin and specially of Moa-san. The event had a special talk by Ikuo Minewaki giving welcomes to the audience, speaking about the collaboration and introducing the items available and benefits to fans during the period of collaboration at Tower Records nationwide. Also was screened a beautiful video message by BABYMETAL to introduce the new album. BABYMETAL was not present at the venue but they appeared in a big screen. At the venue was able to see several posters, banners and stands of BABYMETAL, all including the art of the new album. The venue also was plenty of fans who gathered from different areas of the country, not only fans from Tokyo. 


According to news only 500 fans were allowed to attend but the number outside was much much bigger than 500, I wonder how many. The audience had to stay outside Tower Records Shibuya before 00:00, but not too early. I personally arrived 23:25 in order to stay tuned to details and get a good place inside the venue. 


Had the chance to get the First Press of "Metal Resistance" the Regular Edition and Limited Edition with DVD of METROCK! Also got the special "Metal Resistance" bag and the collaboration drink! It's yummy and red! The plastic glass is transparent with black letters, yet have it with me the glass, it's my new treasure of BABYMETAL! In addition for each order placed, fans were able to get lottery stickers to participate for a Trucker American Vest! I didn't win, I don't like them anyway (Laughs) and the A4 Poster Tower Records Edition which is similar to the Limited Edition cover.  


Inside the venue, had the opportunity to talk with other fans and exchange point of views of this event, the marketing of the group overseas and what are our expectations for 2016 in Japan. Most of the fans were very excited about Tokyo Dome in December including a Japan Tour (This was before FOX DAY announcement). I wonder how they feel now after the announcements on April 1 and Tokyo Dome in September. 


After doing a seightseeing of the place, headed back to home to visit later this day Space Hachikai and experience "Metal Resistance Exhibition". The Kick Off Party ended at 02:00 Japanese Time, according to news were sold more than 1.000 copies of the new CD during the event. 


Later, "Metal Resistance Exhibition" was held at Space Hachikai, the same place where the 5th Anniversary of Sakura Gakuin was held in December. The distribution of the items to display was similar somehow. This event was completely different to the previous. 


This event at Space Hachikai had an incredible, unimaginable for your mind, number of items that probably even KOBAMETAL didn't know those existed until date. I can remember Skateboards which where a great surprise for me, I never heard of those before. To me one of the highlight was the Wall of T-shirts, Japanese fans have the chance to have many of them but some where unique, and very limited from the early years of the group.


The ecstasy to see those numerous items in the walls and stands was a constant flashback to previous shows, experiences, news, releases, so many memories! Listening the new album while I was able to see those costumes of the girls was something really emotional. 


There was a place to take a selfie with BABYMETAL, they weren't there of course (Laughs), they were in England actually (Laughs) but there was a big billboard with the three wearing the black costumes of "Metal Resistance" and a selfie stick! I didn't take photos with "Them" but most of the fans did, was something fun to experience anyway, in the floor was the new logo of THE ONE, great quality . 


There was also a small room with, I guess 6 chairs, where fans were able to use VR Glasses (Virtual Reality). Here fans had to play an extra ticket (50Yen). The video inside was 360 degrees footage, I believe recorded by the Filmmaker who works with Dana-san. This was very interesting to see, a bit unconfortable if you get scared easily because you have to move around (Laughs). 


The whole Space Hachikai was a live choronology of previous years of the group, a History of BABYMETAL through the years where fans were able to see many details thanks all the photos, and items and costumes. I don't know the number of visitors during this period but I believe as BABYMETAL won followers with "LATE SHOW" also won followers with "Metal Resistance Exhibition".


Regarding the costumes section, I loved the Kimono from "Megitsune", those are my favorite and my favorite era of the group since was when started to see them live. I can remember the old costumes, World Tour 2014 era, the last World Tour 2015 costumes and the Black  Night "Departure" from Nippon Budokan. Those specially were the center of attention since are mostly new  to a great number of fans because BABYMETAL used them only in 3 events. 


Also, there was a big stand with the cover of "Metal Resistance", in the same place of the Sakura Gakuin girls stand in December, this time was a big message board with the cover of the Album. Fans were able to write a message for the girls, supportive messages, everything you wanted to. Was very touching reading some messages from fans. Dedicated several minutes of the visit reading the messages. 


In addition and part of the events was "BABYMETAL Week" at Tower Records Shijuku, 7th floor, 8th floor and 9th floor were customed with BABYMETAL art, each floor was dedicated to one of the BABYMETAL girls. Each entrance from the elevator showed one of the members in a real size stand, full body. Each floor had a special corner dedicated to BABYMETAL items. 


Metal Resistance Exhibition ended just a few days ago, on April 10. I'm very happy that BABYMETAL held this kind of events in Japan since the band lately showed much more interested in overseas, was happy surprise. 



*The photos in this report are from the Press Release, available in several Japanese sites. 


Live Review by: Hitoshi Sugioka

Album of photos courtesy of: Billboard Japan


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