BABYMETAL to design Captain America's Custom Shield!

In order to celebrate the upcoming release of the new movie of "Captain America, Civil War" Marvel will held a special exhibition in Tokyo at the end of April featuring exclusive and limited edition items, among them Captain America's custom shield designed by the girls! Read more below.


BABYMETAL design to appear on Captain America's exhibition in Tokyo

"Captain America, Civil War" to be released worldwide on May 6 will hold a special Exhibition Event at Marvel Pop-Up Store in Harajuku in Tokyo on April 29. The exhibition will feature exclusive and limited edition items, original costumes and merchandise for fans. The special exhibition will also show customized designs of Captain America's shields from several famous Japanese celebrities and artists. BABYMETAL will desing one of the shilds to appear in the exhibition! 


Artists and celebrities to design Captain America's custom shields: 


Ruriko Kojima (Model)

Kosugi Ryuichi (Actor, Comedian)


Natsuna (Actress) 

Dante Carver (Actor)

LiLiCo (Enteirtainer, Showman)


Marvel Pop-Up Exhibition details: 

Date: From April 29 to May 15, 2016

Times: Open at 11:00 JST, Close 19:00 JST

Venue: Marvel Pop-Up Store Harajuku, Tokyo 




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