Watch the new Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL, April 11

A new show for 2016 Nendo, this week featuring Marin Hidaka, Soyoka Yoshida, Sara Kurashima and a new member!? No! Megumi Okada with a new hairstyle! Also with them as always Mori-Sensei. Watch below! 


Marin, Megu, Soyo and Sara in the new Show on LoGiRL

This week on LoGiRL showed their charms Marin Hidaka, Megumi Okada, Soyoka Yoshida and Sara Kurashima along with Mori-Sensei. Yesterday's episode showed the return of one of the fans favorites the "Ganbare!" corner. 


At the end of the episode was announced that after next Monday's episode, Sakura Gakuin will take a hiatus for weeks until middle May, after the Transference In Ceremony on May 6 (Read more here). 


Watch the full program below courtesy of our collaborator: MissingReel


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