BABYMETAL "Metal Resistance" is #3 in Billboard Japan "Top Albums Sales"

Billboard Japan released weekly sales details for April 18, 2016 featuring BABYMETAL's elder sisters from Amuse "Perfume" leading the list with 103.000 copies sold, while "Metal Resistance" is third in the list. Find more details and the Official Top 5.


BABYMETAL new album "Metal Resistance" #3 "Top Albums Sales" in Billboard

On April 11 Billboard Japan released the "Top Albums Sales" showing another great milestone for the elder sisters of BABYMETAL, Perfume reached 103.000 copies sold after one week of sales of its 6th Studio Album "Cosmic Explorer"


In addition to Perfume also Sandaime J. Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe with "The JSB Legacy" and BABYMETAL with "Metal Resistance" which were released a week earlier than Perfume's album had an impressive week of sales hepling them to enter in Billboard's Chart. 


BILLBOARD JAPAN "Top Albums Sales", Week, April 18 of 2016

1-Perfume "Cosmic Explorer": 103.000 Copies sold

2-Sandaime J. Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe "The JSB Legacy": 61.000 copies sold

3-BABYMETAL "Metal Resistance" 21.000 copies sold

4-Takahiro Matsumoto "Enigma": 20.000 copies sold

5-SiM "The Beautiful People": 19.000 copies sold




Information via: Billboard Japan

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