BABYMETAL is the first Japanese artist to enter the Billboard US Top 40 Album list in 53 years

Billboard Japan announced a great new for Japanese music scene and especially for BABYMETAL., with "Metal Resistance" BABYMETAL becomes in the first Japanese artist to enter in the Billboard US Top 40 Albums after 53 years! Check more details below. 


BABYMETAL puts Japanese music scene back in Billboard US Albums after 53 years

BABYMETAL with "Metal Resistance" is after 53 years the new Japanese artist to enter in the US Album Chart Top 40 of Billboard after Kyo Sakamoto. "Metal Resistance" BABYMETAL's second studio album released on April 1 (FOX DAY) entered #39 in the Billboard 200 US Albums Chart in the week of April 23. (It's going to appear online in a few more days). 


BABYMETAL's album debut "BABYMETAL" did its best reaching #187 in the Chart, meanwhile "Metal Resistance" becaming more successful than their previous work. So far Japanese artists that reached "Billboard 200" were, Kyu Sakamoto in 1963 with "Sukiyaki And Other Japanese Hits" entering in the Japanese highest place becoming #14, in 1975 Isao Tomita with "Moussorganky: Pictures At An Exhibition" was #49, and in 1986 Loudness was #64 with "Lighting Strikes". "Metal Resistance" is successfully in the second place entering in the Top 40 for first time for a Japanese artist after Sakamoto 53 years ago. 


Should be noted also that "Metal Resistance" reached 15th Place in the Official Charts of United Kingdom (Read more here). 



Information via: Billboard Japan

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