Young Guitar Magazine May 2016 issue reviews "Metal Resistance"

BABYMETAL new album "Metal Resistance" released worldwide on April 1 was reviewed by Young Guitar Magazine in its issue of May 2016. They make focus in the songs driven by guitars like "Road Of Resistance", "Amore," Awadama Fever", "Tales Of Destinies" and "THE ONE". Read the review translated below. 


Young Guitar May 2016 issue reviews BABYMETAL album "Metal Resistance"


Album: Metal Resistance

Release date: April 1 (Worldwide)


"The worldwide simultaneous release of the 2nd Album of the Metal-Dance unit was completed. The guitar element from DragonForce also participated in this recording, kicking off this work with a dramatic rate of Speed Metal on "Road Of Resistance". Placed at the beginning, the lethal song has become one of the highlights of the lives. From popular metal to a core of sub-genres, such as a domestic version of Black Metal / Viking Metal, this world is shaped with a dense essence of a variety of ways into flesh and blood. 


By making a full use of tapping and arming attack in the tricky "Road Of Resistance" described above, it seems to go into a burst of shredding in an overwhelming sense of speed in "Amore - Aoboshi", the music from the guitarists gets also such attention. A fusion of systematic sadness and metal, "Syncopation" seems to be one more masterpiece to increase the excitement in the live shows, Takeshi Ueda (from AA=) provided a taste of highly addictive digital loud Pop on "Awadama Fever". And the assistance flow from the major Progressive Metal of "Tale Of The Destinies" goes into the epic "THE ONE", an undisputable climax of good work. Also on "Tales" a wide variety of riffs and high-speed clicks in a very complex deployment and odd tempo signatures can be enjoyed, it's quite a technical song. It has also an important contribution of metal, but they are also such both strongly catchy songs, that if you play this album, you would not notice." 


Review by Yosuke Hayakawa of Young Guitar.



Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

Style editor: Daniel Fuentes.

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