Young Guitar: BABYMETAL talk Tokyo Dome, ambitions & dreams

Last segment of the awesome interview of Young Guitar with BABYMETAL girls. In this part of the interview the girls discuss a little more about "Metal Resistance", in addition they talk about World Tour experiences and look forward to the future performance at Tokyo Dome and the future of the group with one last fabulous last paragraph by Su-Metal. Read the interview translate below. 


BABYMETAL: "On stage we see our growth most clearly. On stage we are most natural"

Interviewer: In the new album, I’ve noticed large variation in song styles. It contains ballads as well. What was the most challenging song?

Su-metal: "It’s probably “Syncopation.” Generally, I like to groove in a slightly laid-back, behind-the-beat style, but when recording it, they instead asked me to stay ahead of the beat, saying, “Faster!” That gradually confused me (Laughs) It took me a while to get used to the particular rhythm of the song. Another issue is that I tend to enunciate lyrics carefully, and this habit of mine doesn’t go well with fast music… “Strange to say,” you might think, since I’ve been doing metal for quite a while… but it was difficult for me. (Laughs)"


Interviewer: Avoiding getting behind the speed while singing fast, that’s tough.

Su-metal: "It is. With fast music, it’s the importance of feeling the speed, and this feeling of staying ahead of the beat, that’s important. I wanted to sing this particular song as if I was leading in the song. Yet it was tough trying not to stay behind its speed."


Interviewer: Now, about “GJ” by Black Babymetal, this is a song that leaves a good impression of undulating, snaky guitar sounds and dynamic rhythm.

Moametal: "That is true. Your body would respond to the rhythm. The lyrics go quite fast, though! Like Su-metal said about another song, we tried to dance to the song as if we were leading… but the lyrics go so fast that once you are behind the speed, sorry, game over! (Laughs) So, yes, we need to work hard not to stay behind."


Yuimetal: "This song, to me, is like a song of acknowledgement after I finish some work. Imagine… we perform “Sis. Anger” and we get pumped up. We work hard on “Sis. Anger.” We finish a tough job. The next song would be “GJ.” I have this idea that the song “GJ” literally says to me, “You did a good job!!” Our set list will proceed like that, please."


Su-metal: "You already know our new set list"


Yuimetal: (Laughs) "Only the order of these two songs. (Laughs) In any case, we keep singing and dancing, nonstop. Since we perform without taking a rest, there are many high points during a show. This song is one of such high points."


Interviewer: Well, I hope the two songs will appear in that order during your shows! By the way, I’m curious… does “GJ” contain the hardest choreography?

Yuimetal: "We still have a number of songs whose choreography is still developing."


Moametal: "The choreography of the new songs will be revised from time to time during our tour. I’m sure about it because that’s what happened to the songs of our debut album. I look forward to seeing how it develops."


Interviewer: I see. Now, let’s talk about the finale… The finale of the world tour awaits you at Tokyo Dome.

Yuimetal: "Tokyo Dome… that’s a place that seems very difficult to reach. It’s something I would dream of when I myself appear in my own dream… I’d say it’s a dream beyond my wildest dreams (Laughs) I don’t think I’m at a level that deserves a Tokyo Dome performance. Not yet. I want to learn as much as possible during the world tour, and then come back to Japan with confidence."


Moametal: "To our audience at the Yokohama Arena (a show in December 2015), the announcement of our Tokyo-Dome show at first must have seemed, on the screen, that another Budoukan show was about to be announced. We had the same impression too, when we first looked at the screen before the show. We thought, “We can perform at Budoukan again!” We were talking to each other, excited. But it was Tokyo Dome. We were like, “Wait, is it that Tokyo Dome? Is there another Tokyo Dome? (Laughs) We thought Kitsune-Sama was a bit mischievous (Laughs) There is no turning back, though. We need to move forward. We need to stand there with confidence. But the moment will arrive no matter what… In any case, I want to make efforts. That’s what I think of now."


Interview: A while back, Su-metal called Budoukan the venue of your dream since childhood. What’s your impression about Tokyo Dome?

Su-metal: "Yes, Budoukan is a venue that has appeared in my dreams… It’s a place I longed for since I had been small. I wanted to perform there. But, Tokyo Dome… that was beyond my imagination. It sounds unreal to me. Kitsune-Sama’s revelations are always crazy (Laughs). Kitsune-Sama always tells us to do something unreal. We have been working hard to meet her demands. We have the duty to answer her. We’ve kept working. We are grateful, though. We are going to travel all over the world again, and we want to be a group that deserves a Tokyo Dome performance."


Interviewer: But haven’t you become tough enough for the last two years?

Su-metal: "Experiences made us grow. (Laughs)"


Moametal: "But I don’t actually know what the real Tokyo Dome is, let alone its size. I’ve only seen it on TV. I’m just going to work hard for that moment."


Interviewer: Now, what are your ambitions? We know you’ve achieved so much in a really short time…

Su-metal: "I want to go to as many countries as possible. Going overseas is a much stimulating experience. I get to know a new world. On another note, we rediscovered the warmth of Japanese fans when we toured in Japan for the first time last year. So, we want to tour in Japan again. I really like performing. On stage we see our growth most clearly. On stage we are most natural. I just want to keep doing shows. And one more… can I talk about my ultimate ambitions?"


Interviewer: Certainly. Please.

Su-metal: "Well, we started when we didn’t even know what metal was. And we found that it was very interesting. My acquaintances and small children, who like myself didn’t know what metal was, began telling me, after listening to BABYMETAL songs, “metal is interesting, isn’t it?” Our music affects people. We are like a bridge that connects people and metal. And then, when we sing Japanese songs, people overseas understand our emotions, and when I see some of them crying… it makes me realize that we can convey our emotions to any people on the planet. Nations, languages, genres… transcending all of them, that’s BABYMETAL. That’s what I understood about BABYMETAL. I myself can influence people. That’s what I came to understand about myself. This understanding made me happy… I’ve wanted to be such a person. OK, about my ultimate ambitions, or dreams… All people who don’t know metal, like we used to be a while ago, will end up liking it, and all people who don’t know Japan will end up interested in it. These are my dreams. But Kitsune-Sama’s revelations always go beyond my dreams… beyond my expectations. So, if I make my dreams that big, will Kitsune-Sama eventually reveal to me that I can achieve them? What will happen… Will Kitsune-Sama’s revelations eventually help me become a historical figure? (Laughs) Someone who brings a breath of fresh air to our era, that’s what I want to become. Is that a big ambition? Is it too big?"




Translation by: bebiimetarudesu

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