Rinon Isono's last diary on Sakura Gakuin: "The last diary"

Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015 Studens Council President Rinon Isono wrote her last diary as Sakura Gakuin student. Rinon's farewell reviews her stay in Sakura Gakuin with bad and good moments, her future as artists and normal girl, her wishes to perform with all Sakura Gakuin graduates and a last message to Fukei-San. Read her diary translated below. 


Rinon Isono last diary as Sakura Gakuin student

Hello♡ It's Isono!!

I could safely graduate from Sakura Gakuin, thanks to so many people's support. Thank you very much.

I've been up against the wall so many times in Sakura Gakuin days. I sometimes thought I had been in a wrong path for me. I'm not good at expressing my feelings and made some people misundestand me. I often kept my feelings bottled up. But, I've overcome such walls and I'm very proud of myself!!


I met so many people in these five years as a Sakura girl and I can have a wonderful dream to be a stage-manager♪

Of course I thought over my continuing the showbiz career. But I've always been interested in stage-making job. I respect staffs of Sakura Gakuin very much, and I want to send the splendor of concert to more people. It might be possible to wear two hats -- learning about stage-making while keeping showbiz career. But I hate to do a halfway job. I've decided to follow my first dream without looking aside.



I have another dream. I wish to have a concert together with all Sakura girls and graduates!! Of course, the stage-manager of the concert should be me! I want to make a brilliant stage together!

After the graduation ceremony, the stage-manager gave me his business-card. And he said "If you still keep your dream to be a stage-manager when you graduate from high school, give me a call".

I adore the stage-manager of Sakura Gakuin. He is my role model.


In these five years, I've learned a lot of things. Especially in my last year as the president, I've learned several things which surely will shape the future of me. 'Once I begin treading this path I've chosen, I shall never regret it. I'll trust in my own course' (from 'Yakusoku no Mirai') I shall smile my best just like these lyrics!


Lastly, I wanna show you a photo. Zumi-kantoku (Director), who've directed several MVs for us such as 'Science Girl Silence Boy', gave me a piece of the stage-settings of 'Heart no Hoshi' MV and said "Rinon, I know you soon will lose it. But if you still have it at your graduation day, show me the photo of it on your last diary"!! Yes, I still have it!!


Thank you very much for everything.


Rinon Isono, Graduate Nendo 2015. 



Diary by: Rinon Isono on April 8, Sakura Gakuin click here.

Translation by: Onji Kobe

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