Ooga Saki's last diary on Sakura Gakuin: "Thank you for everything in these four years!"

Sakura Gakuin student Ooga Saki wrote her last diary as member on April 3. On her extensive diary she explains her feelings during the graduation ceremony, her impressions of her four years as Sakura girl and lastly she talks about ther future. Full diary translated below. 


Ooga Saki last diary as Sakura Gakuin member

 I graduated from Sakura Gakuin on March 27th, while being watched over by Fukei-sans.

Thank you for coming to see us at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, and thank you for your watching via Live Viewing. How was the graduation ceremony -- the culmination of Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015? I was on cloud nine when so many Fukei-sans cried out 'Ohganing' in unison at the very ending of the show. Without any rehearsals, we could make such a wonderful unison! I knew 'Team Ohganing' members could play it well! Good job.


Well, I want to tell again about my future, which some of Fukei-sans've heard of at Zepp DiverCity on Mar 22.

By finishing the graduation ceremony, I quit showbiz world and become an ordinal highschool student. In these four years, Sakura Gakuin has been what I live for, the sole dream I could have realized to live in. I've dedicated all of myself to Sakura Gakuin for these four years. Now I've graduated from it, then my next dream is... No, I'm not a kind of such nimble, smart girl. I'm still in an afterglow of my being-realized-dream, and have no specific, definite vision in my future. Someone might feel frustrated for not hearing a good reason of my quitting...I'm so sorry.


To be honest, there was Saki who was eager to continue singing path. I've always tried to become a good singer. But, at the same time, another Saki thought it wrong to stick to showbiz career. After thinking over it for a long time, I made up my mind. What I must do now is 'To learn', not only school subjects, but also several things in this world! I think I should study a lot, watch a lot, broaden my horizons, get interested in several new things, experience them, see myself in a different light, find new possibilities of me, challenge myself in such possibilities... I want to see 'Ooga Saki' who've went through such experience and got matured. I'll never quit singing. I'll keep singing in one way or another♬ But in my highschool days, I'll dedicate myself into studying! And will become a sure-footed college student.


When Nendo 2015 begun, I thought 'I'll not be able to graduate from Sakura Gakuin with full of smile, if I continue what I've kept doing'. In my last one year as a Sakura girl, I was not only responsible for leading kouhais as a senior, but also I was responsible for completing my career as a Sakura girl so as to graduate from Sakura Gakuin with full of smiles, with regretting nothing. So, I've really dedicated myself in Sakura Gakuin, far more desperately than in previous three years. I talked with other seniors seriously, earnestly. I asked a lot of things to staff teachers. I'm very grateful to Rinon and C-chan, for putting their hearts into Sakura Gakuin with me. I'm grateful to staff teachers for hearing my willful asking, and for giving me advice. Thank you graduates, for your kindly watching me over. Thank you kouhais, for your keeping up with me.


All through my Sakura Gakuin days, I've been supported by so many Fukei-sans and other people. Thanks to you, I could experience what a usual girl can't experience. Thank you very much☆ In these four years, a Sakura girl Ooga Saki lived the happiest days in my life♡ Thanks to you, I've graduated from Sakura Gakuin with full of smile, with no regret!!

I was so fortunate to share these four years with you. I know for some Fukei-sans, it's been a bit shorter period, but each single moment we shared is my fortune. The fortune surely will give me power to advance. And, I'm so pleased if the moment we shared also gives power to you. I hope the flowers I made bloom in your mind will live forever.

Thank you very very much for everything in these four years!!!!



Diary by: Ooga Saki on April 3, Sakura Gakuin click here.

Translation by: Onji Kobe

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    Tim Ruis (Saturday, 21 October 2017 22:26)

    Ooga Saki, wow have you grown! I've watched you in Sakura Gakuin and loved your smile. I am positive you will become that "super lady" that you have trained for. Best wishes to you young lady, and may life bring you happiness.