BOH Blog: Impressions of BABYMETAL at Wembley Arena

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Bass BOH wrote a new Blog post about his experience performing with BABYMETAL at Wembley Arena in London on April 2. As always humble, honest and kind, BOH shares his thoughts about BABYMETAL, Kami Band, and playing at the sacred place of Rock. Read the translation below. 


"My heart was filled with that gratitude once I stood at a stage of Wembley Arena"

I can take a breath now at last. But 2016 tour has just begun!

I will keep my concentration on though my hair will keep off. Hi, it's BOH, a bassist.

Su-metal-San, Yuimetal-San and Moametal-San, who made that Wembley Arena on April 2nd successful, were so... cool! I think at the moment, my words about their growth can't be useful anymore. Now BABYMETAL carved their names in history as the first Japanese artists who performed a solo live at Wembley Arena, the sacred place of Rock.

And we backing band Kami Band members are very proud of taking some part of it. Personally I think I could never stand at that great place in my lifetime if I would not been a member of it. I am also proud that I make some sound with Kami members who are top notch musicians in Japan. I feel so much delight after I have intensely devoted these six-string basses. I show my full thanks to everything I experienced and everyone who met.


Everything around me makes me what I am today not only musically but also in every aspect. Some good, some bad. Some happy and some sad... Whole of these makes me. My heart was filled with that gratitude once I stood at a stage of Wembley Arena. At the same time I made an objective that I would deliver the best show to the audience by supporting BABYMETAL as possible.



I played with a strong will, that we Kami Band members would keep your back with the maximum powers and best skills as possible, so you didn't need to have the slightest anxiety to give your best to the audience!


All of BABYMETAL gives me higher levels of dream, reality and objectives than I had before. Not only BABYMETAL related, in every opportunities I have, I can't achieve anything without fans coming to lives and supporting us. I can't imagine my alternative life without them.


It's been 19 years since I started to play the bass at fifteen y.o. then believed to become a pro for some reason without evidence. All of you fans just made my evidence-less dream come true. It will be my company in my future after long years. 


I will play it till it has worn out for sure. Yeahhhhh!

I want to go straight with a pedal on the floor with Bushido spirit, avoiding any arrogance. So please support me same as before.






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Translation by: Dokoiko.


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