Su-Metal full English interview on "The Racket" from Australia

Suzuka Nakamoto was interviewd in the radio show "The Racket" from Triple J FM from Australia. Triple J is one of the most important Radio Stations from Autralia. Su-Metal answered all the answers in English via Skype with The Racket! Listen the full interview below! 


BABYMETAL loves Australia, and they really want to go there!

Suzuka Nakamoto as Su-Metal was interviewed on "The Racket" from Triple J, one of the most important Radio Stations from Australia. Suzuka was interviewed via Skype a couple of weeks ago, The Racket released the interview today (April 5) in Australia. The interview features Suzuka answering all the questions in English. 


Suzuka speaks about Metal Resistance, the meaning and message of their new Single Karate. Also about ther favorite song of the album "META! Taro", meeting Metallica and the meaning of Metallica for them. What Heavy Metal means for BABYMETAL and specially for her, Suzuka said that "Metal is music that gives you power". How is the being a Rock Star, hard moments in BABYMETAL and how they make happy the FOX GOD.


Listen the full interview below!

Audio courtesy of: deathwomblef1-11 

Full show recorded including the interview, click here.


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    SaturnFX (Thursday, 07 April 2016 01:35)

    I love hearing their english and how year by year they each become more accustomed to speaking it. Yeah, the interviews are handled tightly, questions filtered and prepared..and most likely answers practiced beforehand, but you can hear a confidence building now compared to the few words now and then some years back. I hope they continue their education into english.
    But my true hope is that amuse backs off now and lets these girls start forming their own identity and speaking off the cuff. If they are seeking true staying power in the west, it was understood as kids they were just a brand, but now they have to be unique, free individuals on their own..
    Come on Amuse..let these girls stand for themselves now in interviews, choices, etc. hell, let em start dating if they want.. The west wants to know they are genuinely free and happy.

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