Nikkei Magazine: "Yuimetal, Passionate dancing mesmerizing everyone"

Nikkei Entertaiment Magazine May 2016 issue released special content about BABYMETAL in order to promote the release of the new album "Metal Resistance". The special content features BABYMETAL in the cover, separte interviews with the girls, comments about each girl by Mikiko and photo session with the girls. Read below the full interview translated with Yuimetal


Nikkei Magazine interviews Yuimetal: Experience gained, group's unity & the future

Nikkei: Yuimetal is who at the live shows charms all with her wild and dynamic style of dancing. Balancing and opposing her imprudent and dignified form that she presents on stage and off stage a girl who projects calming atmospheres who "isn't confortable standing out in a crowd."


Yuimetal: "Before the live I'm extremely nervous, but once I go out to the stage the FOX GOD descends into me or something like that, but anyway I become filled of confidence. I feel like when I'm Yuimetal there is nothing that I can't do. When I'm the usual me I have a personality that makes difficult to me be upfront and express myself and I lose my confidence easily. This is the very misterious me." 


Nikkei: When I asked Su-Metal about the activities that made a big impression of her she answered "Sonisphere Festival 2014" in UK. She said that the success of that show gave her a big dose of confidence. 


Yuimetal: "With 50.000 fans in the audience we could barely see the people in the back and I was really nervous, but as we advanced through songs the number of people doing the FOX Sign and responding increased. I was able to perform while I was feeling the moment when we grasped the hearts and minds of the people in the crowd where I didn't even feel the real obstacle of the different languages.


After our set finished the audience was calling for an enconre, "We want more!". I was really surprised by this. Since there was so much pressure before performing and because we were able to perform, Sonisphere proved to be the live show that remains strongly in my mind for the feeling of success that we reached through a close unity among us, the Kami Band and all the staff members. After that day, it's like we were able to overcome the pressures of everything with no problem and led me to get great confidence."


Nikkei: Following that show the number of overseas performances increased even beyond your domestic shows and there is no doubt that in part is because of BABYMETAL is gaining reputation overseas for putting very spirited and vivid shows.


Yuimetal: "By simultaneously having a large number of awards during the last year's World Tour and realizing that BABYMETAL is reaching people all around the globe, I strongly get the feeling that I will have to take this with an stronger sense of responsibility. I have started to feel the pressure about if I can properly respond to the expectations of the people.


Although the pressure is increasing I feel at the same time that mysteriously with BABYMETAL there is nothing we can't do and I get hard to pin down the confidence. I feel that with the members we can overcome anything that comes to our way and we can go on to create even more legends.


Before I go on stage I felt strongly that I had to do my very best, but as we traveled through so many countries the feeling changed knowing that this is actually Su-Metal, Moametal and myself the three performing together as one. During the shows we sometimes do eye contact to each other to communicate and we have grown together so much that we don't need words to tell what we are thinking.


With last year's World Tour I really understood that BABYMETAL is truly loved by those around us, we are supported by so many different people who make this possible for us to perform. I'm now able to make eye contact to communicate with Kami Band and as our time together increased by the time traveling overseas we are able to talk to each other and I feel that we have all grown very close to each other. I feel grateful that we are with these members. When I feel the pressure is going to break me, I look around to the staff, the Kami Band and the other members to be able to put myself in a positive state of mind knowing that everyone is here with me, I can do my best. I feel that's  the power that comes from being united with the group is what really made me become mentally strong."


Nikkei: I think that BABYMETAL will certainly create some more new legends this year as well. Yuimetal expresses, regarding the future of the group: "I can't see a last goal in sight."


Yuimetal: "There are certainly goals waiting to be accomplished on this or other live performances but I really feel that BABYMETAL just keeps getting bigger and bigger at a very fast pace, and I have no idea how big it will get or how far I can keep up. I don't know if this is what you would call a legend or it's better to say it's something I want to do, and that is because I am so happy that, through BABYMETAL, we are able to expand the connection of the Japanese with overseas people. I hope we can continue to travel to countries all over the world expanding this connection more and more until one day we bring the whole world together as one!"




Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

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