Nikkei Magazine: "Moametal, gives the impression of being a devilish goblin"

Moametal was interviewed on Nikkei Entertainment Magazine released on April 4 to promote the release of the new album "Metal Resistance". In this interview Moa speaks about the difficulties of playing at Nippon Budokan in 2014, choreographies adapted to their bodies maturity, eating a lot in order to get powers and learning Metal Music. Read the full interview translated below! 


Nikkei Entertainment Magazine, separte interview with Moametal

Moametal is the member who gives the impression of being a devilish goblin. When BABYMETAL was announced she didn't have any idea about what Metal was. 


Moametal: "At first BABYMETAL held activities under the name of "Juuonbu" (Heavy Sound). Around the same time the anime "K-On!" was very popular and I felt that "Heavy Sound" was the opposite to the Keion (Light Sound) so studied by myself the meaning and "we are going to carry heavy stuff while we sing?" (Laughs). When we were told that we would held activities as a Metal Dance Unit I thought, "Metal is something to dance". But then decided to watch a few Metal acts in video and I was suprised because none of them showed musicians dancing (Laughs)."


Nikkei: The reason that made a girl like this, with this kind of background, reconsider BABYMETAL was the 2 Day-show at Nippon Budokan in March 2014. Those shows were held in 2 Days with different setlists and performed on a circle stage in the center of the arena, being this the first real challenge for BABYMETAL.


Moametal: "Playing such big shows during 2 days was a first time for us and I felt a big pressure over me. There were a lot of details to be used in the shows and thinking about the stage rising and going down plus the several effects used made it very difficult for me to settle all of this in my head. There were a lot of different tasks to learn during the preparations (for the shows).


Since there were quite a few songs in our setlists, making the choreographies for each song was really complex and hard to master. To make things a bit more difficult, we had several incidents but I felt that we had the ability to get through the shows and make them possible, like that one last year at Yokohama Arena (also a 2 day show). Considering all of this, I would like to perform someday the setlists we played at Budokan shows."


Nikkei: Along with having grown as a performer and overcome several difficulties, Moametal is growing up as person continually day after day.


Moametal: "From the perpective of dancing, certain movements and dance moves are becoming more difficult to perform since my body is changing and maturing. With that in consideration we think things to make changes and techniques into our dancing in order to make our bodies to make those movements and improve them. I feel like comparing with the past we are now able to be part of this thing called BABYMETAL. 


In the early days we were doing our best to protect the existing image of BABYMETAL which was brought from the beginning. I think this is a big step we have made since now we think about what BABYMETAL's Metal should be and we talk about it together and how we can get more and more effective. 


At the same time I feel the pressure even more. When I was little I just did my best without taking into consideration several issues. Now getting bigger I think that if I don't do my best I will not be able to come back to were I am now. But, because I really love the moment of the live performances when the three come together emotionally, I feel that I got the ability to get over the pressure."


Nikkei: BABYMETAL's choreographies at the live shows at times makes you to run back and forth on stage. However, I know that you as Moametal, have the simple method, "just eat as much as you can" to overcome problems. 


Moametal: "I love to eat. And eating what you like when you want to eat it gives you the physical power to feel that you are able to dance strongly on the stages we play."


Since you can understand the culture of countries by their cuising eating their food, I feel like I should eat as much from the country's cuisine. At least I think that's the way for myself to eat a lot (Laughs). Specially the food in Germany is delicious. I love the Germany's potatoes and their meat dishes and the sausages are the best! (Laughs). 


When we play in overseas festivals I love meeting Metal bands and taking photos with the members of the bands. I personally think I have to study more Metal music by listening more to Bring Me The Horizon and Metallica, in order to know more about different kinds of music by listening to more Metal.


There are things that I can't understand now but since we don't play that kind of Metal that others play, with BABYMETAL I want to play the Metal version of BABYMETAL."





Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

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