Nikkei Magazine: Mikiko impressions on Su-Metal, Yuimetal & Moametal

Nikkei Magazine after the interview with Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal had a talk with their choreographer Mikiko Mizuno to know her impressions about the girls nowdays. She speak about them as artists but also as normal girls. Read her impressions translated below. 


Mikiko impressions on BABYMETAL members on Nikkei Entertainment Magazine

Mikiko on Su-Metal:

"She is a completely natural, talented girl born to perform as if was created by a wizard. She transforms onstage and based on that you could not imagine who she is in her daily life. It's not just saying that she is particularly good at dancing, but rather she makes the movements on her own to the point that she rebuilds the song through the expression of her abilities. And if she is required to simply extend her arms she will do it in a way that emotionally moves those watching her. I think it's that unbelievable passion and concern that she has which makes this possible. Recently I felt that she feels whatever she sings in her Su-Metal uniform, but recently she has become able to widen the variety of emotions in her performances and she is able to control herself song by song. Her English pronounciation has also dramatically improved."


Mikiko on Yuimetal: 

Yuimetal is a measured and quiet girl. She likes to dig deep in every single thing she does. Inside her deep modesty there is more passion than in anyone else, reason why she is able to enchant fans at the live performances. Her high level of dancing abilities let her master the details of every task. In addition, she has a very vast imaginative power. For example, if she is doing something simple, like a sidestep, she is able to change the scenery just by changing her facial expressions. Recently she has become beautiful and matured a lot. The way she showed her child cuteness is turning into a more mature expression being added to her repertoire of charms. I look forward to see her growing up.


Mikiko on Moametal: 

At first glance she seems to be bright and playful, but actually she is a girl who is extremely aware of others' feelings and her bigger aim is to make others feel better. Since she was young she has always given her best, and that attitude actually has gotten stronger. From her attitude of joy with BABYMETAL, I get the feeling that she is becoming even more professional as she discusses things at rehearsals and chooses the right words to use. In the beginning there were moments when she got a little bit floppy when things got cheerful or when you could feel her movements were a little bit, but now that has disappeared completely and you see her work to polish every single move to perfection. Since she has become more physically resiliant, her dance movements are even more powerful and defined. She also has become more skilled in her expressions. She is able to respond as an artist to the music and I feel her strength and grace combine with the music. She is one to count as a true artist.




Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.

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