Kobametal reviews "Metal Resistance" on Nikkei Magazine

BABYMETAL's master mind "Kobametal" reviews the new album "Metal Resistance". Explains the meaning of the songs and why were composed. Very interesting review of the new album from the producer of teh band. Read the review translated below. 


BABYMETAL's producer Kobametal "Metal Resistance" track by track review on Nikkei

1: Road of Resistance

A song completed at the beginning of the 3rd chapter of the Metal Resistance back in November of 2014. It's lyrics well reflects the current state of BABYMETAL and its activities. It exemplifies our declaration to "charge forth down the unpaved path." Having it start off the album was to show that this was the start of things to come.



From what I've heard, karate is one of the arts with the least amount of interest in defense. (one would be thinking of a way to strike, even when defending) It's really all about going on the offensive. I truly think that it fits BABYMETAL's current image.


3: Awadama Fever

"A bubbly song everyone can sing along to." That's the theme of this song. Since its debut back in December of 2014, the song has gone though multiple modifications throughout its live performances.


4: YAVA!

We've incorporated the SKA rhythm in this song. We wanted a song young people would find particularly motivated to dance to, so we went with the 2-step rhythm. I don't think we've had a song which features sycopated rhythms until this one.


5: Amore

Being Su-Metal's solo, it's meant to pair up with "Akatsuki" from the previous album. The song takes on the theme of "Blue", a part of a series of songs. "Amore" is supposed to be a melodic speed metal and features the full extent of Su-Metal's powerful vocals.


6: META!-Taro

We wanted to deliver a song to the "BABYMETAL Children", so the song draws inspiration from old Japanese hero themes and songs at sports events. It can be considered a Viking Metal in terms of sound, and we actually had real vikings from Scandinavia sing parts of the chorus for us. The motif of the song comes from a certain "dark hero." I do wonder who "Meta-Taro" really is. (laughs)


7: Syncopation

The title itself is a musical vocabulary word, and it means that the rhythm in a song is shuffled. Its theme is the energy and intensity exuding from its lyrics and the meaning of its rhythm. We've drawn in some elements from Japanese Rock, Loud Rock, and even some from the "Visual Kei" from the recent past.


8: GJ!

A song for Black Babymetal, Yuimetal and Moametal. The song falls in line with the previous "Onedari Daisakusen" and "Song 4", and is supposed to represent the girls as they are now. We tried even harder to push the rap-style vocals of verse A to a new level. Since both are dancers, they really have a good sense of rhythm. I'm striving for perfection in this genre.


9: Sis. Anger

Our first intention was to have a black metal piece for Black Babymetal. We couldn't make one with actual lyrics about devils though, (laughs) so instead we've designed it to invigorate and stimulate the listener with the girls' angry words and scolding. (laughs)



The song has existed from 3 years ago. It was even performed twice at live events. Its theme is subject to the listener's interpretation, but it's easy to understand once you've listened to it.


11: Tales of the Destinies

Originally supposed to be one with the subsequent song "THE ONE", (laughs) its lyrics contain the phrase "THE ONE" and similar musical phrases. However, we've decided it would be more interesting if it was a pair of songs instead. Sound wise it's considered progressive metal, and is rather difficult to perform.



A song designed to connect to the first song, "Road of Resistance." It is the theme song of BABYMETAL after the launch of the 4th chapter of the Metal Resistance at Wembley Arena. However, there are clues in the lyrics that show whether this is the "song of beginnings" or the "song of the end."




Translation by: uberbroke

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