BABYMETAL, Kobametal & Mikiko featured on Music Complex Magazine

BABYMETAL was featured in the cover, interviewed and also did a photo session in the new issue of PMC Music Complex Magazine released on April 4 to promote the release of the new album, Metal Resistance. In addition, the producer Kobametal and Choreographer Mikiko were interviewed and featured! Check the HQ scans below! 


BABYMETAL appears in the cover of PMC Music Complex Magazine

BABYMETAL received a very good feature in the new issue of PMC Music Complex Magazine released on April 4. In order to celebrate the release of "Metal Resistance", the girls appeared in the cover of the Magazine but also were interviewed to talk about the new album and World Tour experiences. Did a photo session for this issue and anwered 100 Questions for a special section! 


In addition, PMC released information and photos of the World Tour 2015 in Japan, and a live report of the show at METROCK Festival 2015 on May 24. Also, the producer Kobametal was interviewed and BABYMETAL's choreographer Mikiko received a very good feature. 


Below, high quality scans of the new issue! 



Scans courtesy of our collaborator: Rene Colorado

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