Photos: 2016.04.02 - BABYMETAL "Wembley Arena Fox Festival"

Photos of the first BABYMETAL show of the World Tour 2016, BABYMETAL opened the World  Tour at Wembley Arena in London, England becoming in the first Japanese act to headline at Wembley Arena (Show report here). BABYMETAL played 3 new songs from their new album "Metal Resistance". Below fan photos of the pre-show and performance courtesy of: .Jartai, Brixelle, Papimetal and Ellen Roselmao and many more! Show photos courtesy of: Force FX, Adrian Twiddy, Inkybloaters, Noel MorganRobert SullivanManga GirlMalcolm Critchell, Tokyo Pop Line, and Taku Fujii


BABYMETAL Show photos at Wembley Arena, London, England