BABYMETAL: Group's 5 years & difficult moments on Tour on Besatsu Kadokawa Direct04

BABYMETAL was interviewed in a new issue of Besatsu Kadokawa Direct04, this time to promote their new album "Metal Resistance". The interview released on March 31 at first features the girls talking about their 5 years of career as BABYMETAL and their difficult times on Tour. Very interesting interview translated below including scans of the photo session for this issue. 


Kudokawa Direct04 "Enter The Resistance": Interview with BABYMETAL

--First, looking back to your activities last year. You did lives under the name of Metal Resistance, scale of your activities kept going bigger. How did these mean for you?

Su-metal: "It's a second year of our world tour, it had more lives than the first. We went to South America and Europe, some of them were my first visits. In that circumstance it's the year when I met many people and did lives. It made me spend more time with staffs inevitably, that changed my mind about them also about audiences, I think. I believe it's very good for me to do a lot of lives to proceed to our goal, because we rose our goal high as "Pushing forward through uncharted road," as lyrics of Road of Resistance says."


Yuimetal: "Last year was the year when I couldn't take a rest, though it's just the same past years before. It's so compressed and the amount was as if it impossible to be packed in one year time frame. Like as soon as something done, another oracle was handed down to us. It's the year when I luckily had more experiences than ever, some of them were being awarded in UK, or Japan tour that I had dreamed of. Through these experiences, I came to understand again that I had so many supports from fans abroad and in Japan, also ones from staffs. Having a lot of findings, I could give back everything I learned in the two days at Yokohama Arena on December. So I think it's the last year when Babymetal in the future would be ready to go interesting more."


Moametal: "I feel that it's the last year that flew away in a moment. There're a lot of good and hard moments when I got my memories back one by one. Sometimes I was worried, sometimes I was about to be broken. But I managed to get over because of this team. Because of I was a member of this three. I came to think so. Also I came to think that music is universal after that world tour, with some reality. I think it's a proof of my growth. Now I want to let the world know about my growth through the way l had."


--It's been five years since Babymetal was formed.

Su-metal: "Yes."

Yuimetal: "It's long time (laugh)."

Moametal: "Right! Thinking again and it's long (laugh)."


--Scale went bigger, more people involved, circumstance was changed. So, what is the point for Babymetal need to be changed now? Or what is that hasn't been changed in you from debut of Babymetal?

Su-metal: "Maybe what hasn't changed is to keep remembering what Babymetal is all about. We didn't know what metal music is like at the beginning, felt it enjoyable, then keep trying to build "metal for us," or "metal for Babymetal" until now. It's been unchanged that we keep pursuing metal for us. And our teamwork, too. We often look at each other to check conditions of others. Sometimes the others came to one of us for helping when she looked in trouble. These things stay the same."


Yuimetal: "Another thing unchanged is our mind of trying to be the only one. In this mean, a final state of Babymetal is still unpredictable and it is also unchanged, I think."


--Your activities past looks a series of unique cases, right?

Yuimetal: "Yes. I felt strongly that Babymetal was going forward to where no one went before. I heard some awards we got in overseas were these no Japanese got before, and our live in Wembley Arena in coming April will be the first Japanese solo act there. I want to keep pushing forward through uncharted road with current members. We three feel with reality that music is universal. It's rare to feel that with experiences of our own as our age, I know. We don't know yet how things finally fallen places, I want to bring Babymetal to the world with keeping remembering we are fortunate so much, and keeping a foundation of Babymetal. I want to bring more people together, over the languages and boarders."


Moametal: "Babymetal always does its best to everything with no compromise. I love the way how Babymetal takes. Never slack off at any lives, put everything we have now on always, do with gratitude always. It's never changed, and I never want to change. And, our challenge spirit has been the same all along the way. There're a lot of challenges in a process of making this second album. We are in the process of growing up every day with these challenges. But sometimes we were unaware of our growth until others pointed out, then we came to notice our growth afterwards. We at our age are better to learn new things, and it means we can bring what we learned to others better, too?"


--You had many opportunities to perform on stage at bigger festivals. How did you feel on these stages?

Su-metal: "Festivals are basically away for us. I felt it hard at Reading and Leeds Festival, though other festivals were not so much like that... Reading and Leeds was an away stage for us after a long time. Adding to it, we were the first performer on the day, there's not much audience on the field, and they had blank faces. Our live there got started with that kind of audience who might have thought who these girls on stage were. But the more songs we played, the better their reactions went. Reactions from audiences abroad are so direct, so we can read their faces at the moment once they got some interest in us. We had just a 30-minute window there that allowed to show just five songs, but I was so sure with reality that we gave an impression of Babymetal on them. I was gradually more confident live by live that we we going to be someone who made impression on those who saw us first."


--There's no more away condition to you in Japan, right?

Su-metal: "We went to Metrock last year, first time in two years, I had a happy moment there. A stage we stood were small at our first appearance there in 2013, and it's rather away for us then. But this time audience got excited so much as if it had been our solo live. I felt so home. I was so happy to feel how many people knew us here in Japan this time."


--Moametal-San said just before that you could make it because of the team, because of you three when you had hard times. What was it like specifically?

Su-metal: "There happened a lot in last world tour. It got started at a place in Mexico, where an altitude is high. So we played there with a kind of thought that it's not good for us to give 100% power on it. Then at the following lives, we found us just trapped by that attitude. We couldn't give full power, even how hard we tried. We just couldn't make it. Then a period got started when we lost our confidence. Before that we could have enjoyed ourselves even in an away condition. But we had nothing but anxiety at that period. As if we happened to forget anything how we played before. Adding to it, we came to have difficulties to dance along with our physical growth."


--See. So, how did you get over these difficulties after all?

Su-metal: "We had a lot of discussions with watching videos in the tour period, like "here we gonna move more," and "Let's concentrate on that for better expression." Also we made charts for visualizing what song was the most important in a set list to make our lives best. We kept doing these small things we could do by ourselves. That's the way we three managed to get over obstacles we had, in retrospect that's why I felt more content about the last world tour."


--These experiences you had made you grow up as you are now.

Su-metal: "And one more important finding that came to my mind was that, we three are not alone at all. Now I can say that we had been so trapped by an idea that we had to get everything done only by us three. But many times members of the band and staff asked "Are you okay?" and "You better do it like this." That's why we made it done. I really noticed them all deeply cared us, again. So I came to feel more that these band members were always on my back when I felt nearly broken at lives. Beats from the drums made my body sharpen up, I felt it. I noticed more than before that everyone around me bring me to the places I performed. I believe we are the one, including audience. That's the last year when I came to notice these things."




Interview by: Besatsu Kadokawa Direct04, get it here

Translation by: Dokoiko

Scans by: Hanu-Metal


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