"Metal Resistance" debuts #2 on Oricon Style Albums Chart!

BABYMETAL's second studio album "Metal Resistance" released on March 29 in Japan debuted in the second position of the Official Oricon Style Albums chart! "Metal Resistance" will be released simultaneously worldwide on April 1st. Check more details below! 


Metal Resistance debuts #2 in the first day of sales in Japan!

BABYMETAL's second studio album "Metal Resistance" debuted with more than 36.000 copies sold according to the official Oricon Style Albums Chart on March 29. "Metal Resistance" debuted in the second place of the chart behind Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe and over B.A.P.. 



Sandaime J. Soul Brothers from Exhile - "The JSB Galaxy", 270.629 copies sold 

BABYMETAL - Metal Resistance, 36.040 copies sold

B.A.P - Best.Absolute. 13.994 copies sold


In 2014 when was released BABYMETAL's self titled album debuted #4 in Oricon but with more copies sold. 

BABYMETAL reached on Oricon with 37.463 copies sold on its debut.




Oricon Style Albums Chart, March 29, 2016, click here

Oricon Style Albums Chart, March 10, 2014, click here.

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